Chanting mantras together is a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is coming! The time of year when we can thank our mom’s for all they have done for us, and celebrate their Light. In the Aquarian Age we must all find our Godliness, and for women this is the energy of Shakti, of Ma. What better way to celebrate your mom than to get in touch with the energy of the Divine Feminine, and help elevate her to her highest potential. Here are a few wonderful chants and prayers to help you celebrate your mother and the Divine Feminine this Sunday. Jai Jai Ma!

Adi Shakti – The Adi Shakti mantra connects a person to the primal and creative aspects of the Divine Feminine. The tradition of Kundalini Yoga teaches that this mantra can eliminate fears and fulfill desires, and that when women chant it their misfortunes will be taken away. This is also a mantra for moms-to-be, to celebrate the soul entering the baby in the womb on the 120th day after conception. There are many wonderful versions of the Adi Shakti mantra, but my two favorites are by Snatam Kaur and GuruGanesha Singh.

Ma – This is an incredibly simple, powerful mantra to connect with the Divine Feminine as Mother. This chant will connect you with the loving and compassionate energy of the Divine Mother, and if you meditate with Ma it is said to create a protective force field around you. Gurunam Singh has a great version on his album Silent Moonlight Meditation.

Jaya Jagatambe – “Jagatambe” is the Mother of the Universe. Chanting this mantra can connect you to the expansive and active energy of the Divine Feminine, to Kali and Durga energy. Kali and Durga are two aspects of the Divine Feminine known for their strong and protective qualities, as well as for their compassionate love for their children. Wonderful traits to get in touch with! Krishna Das chants this mantra as part of a set of Ma tracks on his album Pilgrim Heart.

Ave Maria – This is a lovely Latin prayer coming from the Christian tradition. This prayer helps to connect one with the energy of devotion and compassion exemplified in the figure of Mary. On her album Heart of Compassion, Ashana sings a deeply moving version of this ancient prayer to the sounds of her beautiful crystal singing bowls.

Om Tare Tuttare – This mantra comes from the Buddhist tradition, and calls on the compassionate energy of the bodhisattva Tara. She represents compassion in action, actively working to end the suffering of all beings, both in the physical and spiritual sense. Deva Premal sings a sweet version of this mantra on her album Embrace.

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