If you’ve ever been in the car with a Kundalini yogi, you might have been startled to hear them chant a mantra before turning the car on.  What is it that they chant and why?

Kundalini yogis often chant “Aad guray nameh, jugaad guray nameh, sat guray nameh, siri guru devay nameh” before they put the keys in the ignition for protection.  It’s a yogic “secret” said to provide a buffer around the car for protection from an accident.  It creates a safety perimeter of about nine feet around the car, which in a critical moment of an accident can be very meaningful.

You can use this mantra when you start your car, invoking with it your own powerful consciousness, directing your mind and intention towards thoughts of safety.  You can also use it any other time you need a little boost of protection, such as when walking down a street at night or using it with your kids who might be afraid of the dark.

Playing it while you drive adds extra protection and playing it in your home creates a beautiful environment of safety.

Safe travels!

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