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We all have blocks that we want to break through. And as soon as we break through one, soon enough, there’s a new obstacle on its way. We can take comfort in the fact that this is part of the human experience. Blocks will always show up. The real question is: how will we show up to move beyond them?

Thankfully, through Kundalini Yoga, we have tools to remove these blocks. We commit to cleansing the mind through mantra and meditation in order to expand our awareness and free ourselves from the chains we perceive to be holding us back.

The focus of the Aad Such mantra is to help remove blocks when you get stuck and help get you moving. This chant is from Baba Siri Chand who was the eldest son of Guru Nanak (the first Guru of the Sikhs).

Take this mantra with you. Chant it out loud. Recite it in your mind. Remember that when you commit to clearing the path and surrender to the Infinite, you will be guided to the light. Remember “there is a way through every block.”

Complete Mantra:

Aad Such Jugaad Such Hai Bhai Such Nanak Hosee Bhai Such


True in the beginning, true throughout the ages, true even now, Nanak, truth shall ever be.

Listen to this brand new version of Aad Such from Harnam’s new album Removing Blocks: Meditations for Transformation.



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