I am reminded and struck by how each part is a magnificent jewel. Imagine a necklace made of 40 jewels, each precious and stunning and a different color and cut.  Stopping to admire a different jewel everyday, even while wearing this magical necklace in its wholeness, can deepen and enhance the experience.

The second pauri of Japji can be repeated 11 times on its own as a mantra for patience and stability, according to Yogi Bhajan.  We all need more patience in these fast and trying times.  Whether we have highly stressful jobs or home lives, a patient attitude can diffuse tense situations and steer us clear of meltdowns.  And for those of us who are trying to consciously create a better life and are doing a tremendous amount of spiritual work and yoga, it can sometimes be frustrating when things don’t unfold as quickly as we’d like.

The second pauri of Japji reminds us that everything happens according to Divine timing.  Trust in the process of Life, it reminds us.  This pauri repeats the concept of “Hukum”, or the command of God.  Translations are never a perfect way of connecting to the original meaning of the word, and I prefer to interpret this less of a command like a military general barking orders and more of a loving guidance from a higher authority with a bigger perspective.  There is something larger than us, this pauri says, and it is unfolding through us and as us.  Whether you interpret that “it” to be God, Love, the Universe or any other word is your prerogative.  But in knowing that this power and intelligence higher and greater than your own is guiding the process and activity of your life, you can breathe and relax.  You can refresh your Spirit and feel grounded and stabilized by the thought that you are are not alone and you are not on your own.  God is working right here, right now, with you.  And so patience and stability flood into your heart.


The Second Pauri of Japji


Hukmi hovan aakaar hukam na kahiaa jaai.

Hukmi hovan jia hukam milai vadiaai.

Hukmi utam nich hukam likh dukh sukh paaiaih.

Iknaa hukmi bakhsis ik hukmi sadaa bhavaaiaih.

Hukmai andar sabh ko baahar hukam na koe.

Naanak hukmai je bujhai ta haumai kahai na koe.





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