It’s a tough world out there. No one wants to feel alone. But when you live your life externally, connecting more with your television than your inner vision, signals from the Universe can get scrambled. Loneliness, depression, fear, and anger are all symptoms of needing to strengthen your connection to your own intuition.

Feeling your way through life with your heart instead of your head can help make all the sadness leak out of your body. Your intuition is a sweet and nurturing stream of information that comes to you when you are clear and ready to receive it.

Wah Yantee is an incredibly ancient mantra, written in Sanskrit by the father of the yoga sutras and the eight-limbed ashtanga path, Patanjali.  We sing this mantra during the morning Aquarian Sadhana, so you will find it on every sadhana album It comes as the first musical chant after the Long Ek Ong Kars and relates to the second chakra and the seat of creativity.  Snatam Kaur called Wah Yantee her “sob-ana” (instead of sadhana) because she cries so much while she sings it.  It releases so much for her.  Many people experience this.

Mantras are very specific mathematical equations for the energy body around the human being.  Each sanskrit letter corresponds to a number and when you crack the code (transcribing numbers for sounds), you often are left with mathematical mystery, like mantras equaling the numbers in pi for several digits.  They reprogram your energy body and connect you with a powerful current of energy.  Wah Yantee is just such a tool that you can use to plug into the equation: human + Wah Yantee = intuition.

Don’t take my word for it.  Try it and see how it makes you feel.  Open yourself to your own intuition and see what flows.

Wah Yantee

Wah yantee kar yantee, jag dut patee,
aadak it waha, brahmaday trayshaa guroo, it wahay guroo


Great Macroself, Creative Self. All that is creative through time, all that is the Great One. Three aspects of God: Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh. That is Wahe Guru.

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