Go with the flow. Allow the sacred current of your thoughts to ebb and flow with your breath. Feel your love flow like a river into all the hidden chambers of your heart. Let this mantra glide over your tongue. The Chotay Pad Mantra, more commonly known as Sat Narayan, connects you to the water element and helps you go with the flow of your life.

The more we can relax and allow ourselves to be in a state of non-resistance, the greater inner peace we can find within. From this state of inner peace, we can project outward peace, happiness, and good fortune.

To chant this mantra for inner peace, you can sit in easy pose with your hands in gyan mudra (thumbs and forefingers touching). Chant for 11 minutes, or for any length of time that brings you peace. Chant while you cook, while you drive, while you walk. Just chant!

Allow this mantra to fit into the flow of your life and bring you peace.

Full mantra:

Sat Narayan Waheguru Hari Narayan Sat Nam


True Sustainer, Indescribable Wisdom, Creative Source, This is my True Identity.

Let the beautiful sounds of this mantra bring you peace:

Ajeet Kaur

Mirabai Ceiba

Ram Dass


GuruGanesha Singh

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