Mantra for Finding Happiness and Peace Within

Need some extra happiness, a little inner peace?  Who doesn’t?

Ask yourself today how happy you are…if you aren’t groovin’ and movin’ with a smile on your face, then you could stand to do this little mantra meditation to find happiness and peace within.

Sit in Easy Pose (cross-legged) with a straight spine.  Start by chanting “Ong” at a pace of about 10 seconds per “Ong”.  You should be chanting more in your nose than your throat.  Chant like this 5 times, then begin to chant “Ong” so that you are finishing one cycle every 3-5 seconds.  Do up to 2 minutes of this rapid “Ong” chanting.

More happiness, more peace in only two minutes!  A quick fix for the modern world from the ancient yogi archives!

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