There are a million pathways to the Divine. You could be Christian or Buddhist or Sikh or Jain or Jewish to name a few. You could channel angels, or study Vipassana meditation, or participate in shamanic ritual. You could volunteer with children or swim in the ocean. There are no limits on how you express yourself and how Spirit expresses through you.  After all, getting in touch with YOU is the point. You don’t have to reach for something outside of yourself. You simply have to exist in your own space more fully understanding and appreciating who you really are. You are utterly free.

We’re like a flower garden. Is a garden less beautiful for having different kinds and colors of flowers?  Being uniquely us is a part of the beauty of everyone’s experience.  The squabbling between paths to the Divine is as silly as a tulip being skeptical of a sunflower. We all face the Sun.

The 17th Pauri of Japji talks of the countless ways of meditating and spiritual paths.  It offers no judgment, instead saying, “Kudrat kavan kahaa vichaar.”  To me, this line asks the question, “Who can possibly describe the One?” There is beauty here, and freedom. Yogi Bhajan said that reciting the 17th Pauri 11 times everyday gives freedom and resurrection. If you feel without choice and forced into a way of being, discover the energy within these sacred words.

The energy of this pauri is one of limitlessness and total freedom of choice. It reminds me of the Cat Stevens song, “If you want to be free, be free. There’s a million things to be, you know that there are!”  Express yourself as you wish. Be who you really are. And walk the path that fills your heart. That, I think, is when resurrection comes. Out of the ashes of whatever difficulty you’ve had in your life, the real you will emerge a being of infinite light. Free, fearless, and powerful. Tu sadaa salaamat Nirankaar (“God, the formless, ever exists without fear.”)

The 17th Pauri of Japji

Asankh jap asankh bhaao. Asankh pujaa asankh tap-taao.

Asankh granth mukh ved paath.  Asankh jog man rahah udaas.

Asankh bhagat gun giaan vichaar. Asankh sati asankh daataar.

Asankh sur muh bhakh saar. Asankh mon liv laae taar.

Kudrat kavan kahaa vichaar. Vaariaa na jaavaa ek vaar.

Jo tudh bhaavai sai bhali kaar. Tu sadaa salaamat Nirankaar.

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