Mantra for Fear of Change

Everybody is feeling it nowadays.  You are either going through it or can see it on the horizon.  You know what I’m talking about.  The “C” word.  Change.

Humankind is undergoing a period of incredible change.  Many traditions believe we are shifting from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, and that change is bringing a whole new set of challenges and opportunities for us as a planet and a species. Right now we’re in the cusp between the two ages…and the cusp can be a period of tremendous change, anxiety, and discomfort.

Change can be uncomfortable for the best of us.  Think of the snake, as it is molting and undergoing a period of tremendous transformation, its eyes become clouded over and the snake can no longer see.  It is blind.  It lashes out in anger and rage, snapping at anything that comes close.  Then as its skin sheds, it emerges from its old self with calm and poise, slithering out of its uncomfortable transition period into a more comfortable, expanded self.

Humans are like snakes in that during periods of transition and change, we become irritable, snappish and edgy.  We lash out at our loved ones, behave in irrational ways, and worry.  But we don’t have to be this way. Change can be a beautiful and exciting time.  We can look to an uncertain future with courage and a spirit of adventure.

There is a mantra to help us move from fear of change to boldness and courage.  It removes feeling of anxiety, depression and phobias, leaving in its place courage and victory.  Just like the snake leaves behind its old skin.

Try this mantra for fear of change:

Chattr chakkr vartee, chattr chakkr bhugatay

Suyumbhav subhang sarab daa sarab jugtay

Dukaalang pranaasee dayaalang saroopay

Sadaa ung sungay abhangang bibhootay

These words were written by the warrior saint Guru Gobind Singh and bring victory during changing times! Chant along with a recording or keep it playing in your house!

(Editor’s Note: Excellent versions of this powerful mantra are available.  Try the following and see how they work for you.  We’re always interested in hearing your stories of what happens after using these mantras!)

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