Autumn backgroundIt doesn’t really do it justice to explain the 9th pauri of Japji intellectually. It has to be felt. The 9th pauri of Japji causes expansion, according to Yogi Bhajan.  Repeat it 11 times every day and feel the expanded sense of your own nature.  It is one of the “Suniai” pauris (which means listening), so listen to this pauri sung. There are many beautiful versions by Snatam Kaur, Prabhu Nam Kaur, Mata Mandir Singh and others.  Feel your heart center expand.

The 9th pauri is an experience of hearing sacred sounds and listening to the name of God.  It describes what is possible when one listens will every fiber and cell and pore of their being to the Naam or sacred sound current: becoming as powerful as a god, as full of knowledge as a scholar, or being elevated into saintliness.  The sound current is a vibration.  The whole Universe is really vibratory in nature.  The point is that when you attune your individual vibration to the highest vibration within the sound current, you are pulled up higher than you could go yourself.  The Naam is like an express elevator to higher consciousness.

There are many names of God, and which name you choose is less important that the power and energy it holds for you.  A beautiful name to try, and one dear to the heart of the Sikhs, is the name Waheguru.  It is a name of God that is an expression of the experience of being totally in awe of the Divine.  Listen to the name “Waheguru” chanted over and over (try Snatam Kaur’s version of Tantric Waheguru).  See what that experience is like for you.

When you want to feel expansive and connect with a Power and Intelligence and Love greater than your own, recite the 9th Pauri of Japji.



The 9th Pauri of Japji

Suniai isar barmaa ind.

Suniai mukh saalaahan mand.

Suniai jog jugat tan bhed.

Suniai saasat sinmrit ved.

Naanak bhagtaa sadaa vigaas.

Suniai dukh paap kaa naas.

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