Everyone has darkness is their life sometime.  Just as night is a natural part of a day, our lives go through periods of challenge and struggle.  Our work is not to throw off all challenges and prevent them from coming into our experience.  Our work is to flourish and expand our consciousness whatever our circumstances.  We are to be the light in the darkness.

But when we’re feeling small, connecting to our vastness can feel impossible.  This is where the 23rd pauri of Japji can help.  Yogi Bhajan said that reciting it 11 times a day as a mantra for elevation will  “dispel darkness and elevate the self”. Reciting Japji requires a measure of faith.  You have faith that it can help, or you wouldn’t bother.  You trust that the process and activity of the recitation has a measurably positive impact, no matter how immeasurable and negative you feel.

For me, one of the most impactful lines here is “Samund saah sultaan girhaa seti maal dhan./ Kiri tul na hovni, je tis manoh visrah.” This line tells us that emperors who own vast kingdoms and wealth are nothing compared to the smallest ant who never forgets the Divine.  This is how you can elevate your spirit. Focus your vibration on something higher to elevate yourself.

It doesn’t matter if you are feeling small and insignificant; this is a lie your mind is telling you now.  Fix your mind instead upon Spirit, and watch your own spirit rise.

The 23rd Pauri

Saalaahi saalaah, eti surat na paaiaa.

Nadiaa atai vaah, pavah samund na jaaniah.

Samund saah sultaan girhaa seti maal dhan.

Kiri tul na hovni, je tis manoh na visrah.



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