“Between man and God there are two paths: The path of fate and the path of destiny. Those who will give distance to their destiny shall fall into the path of fate. When you walk on the path of fate, you may feel very happy and be an egomaniac, but when the fatal moment comes  –  you will be lost again. When you walk on the path of destiny, it doesn’t matter what distance you cover. When the fatal blow of death comes, you shall be liberated. That is the difference.”

-Yogi Bhajan from Success and the Spirit: An Aquarian Path to Abundance


Do you love your life?  Do you love what you do and who you are and how you live so much that if you found out you were going to die this year, you wouldn’t change it? Are you in service to love? Then you are living your destiny.

Yogi Bhajan’s point about fate is that fate is being stuck in a pattern of karma.  It’s about identifying with the lower self, the personality and acting according to that.  Destiny goes beyond any one life or moment of life.  It deals in the realm of the higher self and your true nature.  Destiny is you living as a radiant point of light.  After all, we are light going through the prism of a human life.  Your light might come out violet and mine yellow, but we are just refracting the same light in a different way.  Our radiance is our destiny.  The light is our sat nam (true vibration or true name).

When we don’t live radiantly (just exactly as we came here to shine), it feels uncomfortable, stressful and limiting.  When stuff happens to us, its hard to deal with it.  We can often feel like we’re just treading water, not really getting anywhere but becoming exhausted in the process of just keeping our heads above the water.

It doesn’t have to be that way, but it can be exhausting to shift ourselves without help.  That’s where the eastern concept of the guru comes in.  A guru is someone who can shift you for you.  Within the tradition of Kundalini yoga, that role is taken by the shabad guru, the teacher within the song, which shifts us into a higher vibration when it is difficult to help ourselves.

The 38th pauri of Japji when recited 11 times a day, according to Yogi Bhajan, gives us the power to rewrite our own destiny.  We can be, do or have anything we want and our individuality, self-expression and creative unfolding is a delight to the Source. But our destiny involves something higher.  It is the path of spreading our light and relating to our own divinity.  It is the path of love.

Rewrite the direction of your heart.  Rewrite the cosmos.  Rewrite your destiny and feel your own radiance be how you relate to the world.

Speak more kindly, live more gently upon the earth, and know more fully the expansiveness of your true nature.  What a beautiful destiny for us all.

The 38th Pauri of Japji

Jat paahaaraa dhiraj suniaar. Aharan mat ved hathiaar.

Bhau khalaa agan tap taao.

Bhaandaa bhaao anmrit tit dhaal. Ghariai sabad sachi taksaal.

Jin kau nadar karam tin kaar. Naanak nadri nadar nihaal.


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