Owning a struggling business or even working in a struggling business is one of the biggest causes of stress for humans right now.  Challenging economic climates don’t always lend themselves to thriving dreams.  But a business is someone’s dream and its worth helping dreams come true.  Shifting vibrational patterns is important for everyone working in a business together.  Chanting or reciting mantra, and even playing it in the background, can powerfully shift your energy and the energy of your working environment.

Yogi Bhajan said that when repeated 11 times a day the 26th pauri of Japji “transforms nothing into everything. In your business it banishes losses, misfortunes and miseries.”

As a collective consciousness, we need this pauri now.  Businesses are struggling everywhere and the economy is rough.  But miracles can happen and success can be found in unlikely places.  We don’t have to have all the answers…we just have the let the answers come.

It doesn’t have to make sense why speaking these words would help your struggling business.  Success is the result of a vibrational point of attraction and within these words lies a specific vibrational set point.  It’s a technology.  I don’t understand how this computer that I’m typing on works inside, but I use it to my benefit as a technology.  The same is true for mantra.  Play this pauri on loop with your home or business (try Mata Mandir Singh or Wah!’s versions for convenient looping), and find out yourself what the power of this mantra can bring.

The 26th Pauri of Japji

Amul gun amul vaapaar.  Amul vaapaarie amul bhandaar.

Amul aavah amul lai jaah.  Amul bhaae amulaa samaah.

Amul dharam amul dibaan. Amul tul amul parvaan.

Amul bakhsis amul nisaan. Amul karam amul phurman.

Amulo amul aakhiaa na jaae. Aakh aakh rahe liv laae.

Aakeh ved paath puraan. Aakheh pare karah vakhiaan.

Aakheh barme aakheh ind. Aakheh gopi tai govind.

Aakheh isar aakheh sidh. Aaakheh kete kite budh.

Aakheh daanav aakheh dev. Aakheh sur nar mun jan sev.

Kete aakheh aakhan paah. Kete kah kah uth uth jaah.

Ete kite hor kareh. Taa aakh na sakeh kei kee-e.

Jevad bhaavai tevad hoe. Naanak jaanai saachaa soe.

Je ko aakhai bol vigaar. Taa likhiai sir gaavaaraa gaavaar.




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