In the Aquarian Age, when our minds are trapped into a dance with technology, social media, and our busy lives, finding balance is harder than ever.  Humans are on a bridge between the element of earth, personified in our grounded physical lives, and the element of ether, personified in our alternative realities on social networking sites.  It can be challenging for us all to remain centered and grounded between these two polarities and to remain in a neutral state.

The mantra “Har Har Waheguru”, in addition to eliminating mother/father phobias, can restore the balance between the earth and ether elements and bring us back to equilibrium.  “Har” is a name for God, which represents the creative aspect of Infinity. “Waheguru” is an expression of the experience of ecstasy of Infinite Wisdom. Har has a very grounding vibration, and Waheguru is expansive. Combining these two powerful words in this way balances the energies within us to create the experience of coming back into alignment with ourselves. We are at once here in the human world and also spiritual beings that exist beyond time and space. Remembering this, feeling it within our hearts, and vibrating it by chanting mantra helps us not only to balance ourselves, but to let all that which does not support our highest being and ultimate truth to fall away.

“Har Har Waheguru” Translation: The Creator is bliss, Great is the Guru.

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