Constant creativity.  Non-reaction to normal annoyances.  Awareness of the link between you and the one Creator. Perception of the Subtle Body, or Aura. This is the state that earnest and dedicated practice of the Laya Mantra will bring you to.

The Laya Mantra has been used to raise the Kundalini energy up the spine and place the serious practitioner into a state of suspension from the ordinary world.  It’s one of the most mystical of mantras, and the degree to which you practice it honestly is the degree to which it will effect you and connect you to the sensation of your own soul.

Laya Mantra

Practicing the Laya Mantra as a form of mediation everyday for 40-120 days allows the subconscious mind time to etch the experience into its memory.  If you pull the abdomen in on the “uh” sound in the correct way, visualize yourself also pulling Kundalini energy up the spine and out of your crown chakra.  After 31 minutes of earnest practice you will feel the expansion of your Kundalini energy.

There are several great recordings of this mantra including the those on the following albums:

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