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For many, it’s one of the most blissful and, simultaneously, most intimidating aspects of Kundalini Yoga: Mantra chanting is actually a recipe for dialing in to the experience of Infinity. It requires a setting aside of ego, the willingness to rejoice in sound, and, as reward, we can soar to amazing heights. Mantra chanting is not just about the music of the voice; it is a blend of devotion and spiritual technology. Mantra Chanting is the singing of the soul.

Good News: You Don’t Need to be a Singer

Regardless of your singing voice, you can be effective and successful in chanting. Mantra chanting is not about singing pretty songs; it is an experience of vibration. Set your shyness aside and let the sounds move through you like waves from the ocean of Infinity. The best experiences come when we let go of the need to be an impressive singer. Chant from your heart and it will be beautiful.

Rhythm, Projection, & Pronunciation

In Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training we learn that there are three key elements that boost the benefits of mantra chanting: Maintaining a rhythm, putting energy and projection into the sounds created, and using correct pronunciation. When there is a specific rhythm given for a mantra, be sure to use it – effects vary when we change the rhythm. Projecting and focusing our intention brings more consciousness to the process and amplifies the benefits. Utilizing the correct balance and sound of the words and syllables ensures that there is optimal placement and pressure of the tongue on meridian points, which is a primary piece of how mantra works. (This is also why we don’t necessarily have to know the meaning of the words in mantras to get an experience.)

Chant and Experience

Like most things in life, our understanding and familiarity with mantra chanting deepens through personal experience. Many people learn to chant by participating in group sadhana where the Mantras for the Aquarian Age are used daily or by attending Kundalini Yoga classes. Playing mantra CDs and chanting along is easy to do throughout your day even when you are not sitting down to meditate. Use your favorite CDs in your car, uplift your household with the sacred sounds, or put a relaxing mantra on repeat to softly play while you sleep.

There are mantras intended to uplift all areas of life, from consciousness and love to prosperity and healing. Bring mantra into your life and things will begin to shift. When we project and use sound for the highest good, vibration serves us. As Yogi Bhajan said, “…as you vibrate, the universe vibrates with you.”

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