You’ve tasted the bliss in yoga class or personal meditation. You come away from those experiences feeling joyful and refreshed. But what about the rest of your day? Are you left longing for the benefits of mantra chanting in your work life? Does the high vibration shut off when you’re on the clock? If you love mantra chanting and your work place could use some uplifting prosperous energy, try bringing mantra to work with you.

Derek (Amarpreet) Whitman was newly sober and suffering from insomnia when he began playing mantra through a headset at his job at an abuse and neglect hotline. Throughout the day, he would use mantra and listen to Snatam Kaur CDs that a friend had given him to help with the challenges of those days. For Derek, use of mantra and meditation became a new, healthy way to cope and “reconnect with Source.” It helped him make some difficult adjustments and eventually overcome insomnia. Changing the vibration changed his life. He says, “Life is too short to not enjoy good music and find a connection.”

Lisa Tauferner, a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Reiki Practitioner in Bryan, Texas, plays mantra CDs when doing Reiki treatments. Recently she used Ra Ma Da Sa by Snatam Kaur and says, “While just mouthing the words to the song as I treated the person, I felt the space become all the more expansive, healing, and joyous. ”

The more mantra is utilized, the more our minds become trained to focus on something of higher vibration. Tracy (Sahib) Firsching, a Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist in Austin, Texas silently repeats mantra while massaging clients, which can amount to several hours of mantra chanting every day. She says, “I find that by repeating the mantas hundreds of times a day it starts to be the background in my mind even when I am not actively chanting. This is a wonderful surprise – to notice that my mind is chanting on its own rather than worrying about money or making judgments of others or whatever it might be up to otherwise.”

Using mantras for prosperity or healing can benefit the work space as well, inviting abundance and wellness for all . Especially in a challenging or tense situation, use of mantra can be a subtle approach to encouraging a higher vibration. Softly played music is appropriate for some jobs while in others, silent, meditative mantra is the way to go. Even in places where music is not permitted, taking a few moments to breathe deeply and connect to a mantra can help with personal stress and work pressures.

What ways have you found to use mantra to uplift your work life?

(Editor’s Note:  At Spirit Voyage we use mantra in our workplace all the time!  The sweet sounds of sacred chant make our jobs wonderful!  We feel like it infuses everything we do with a special joy….we hope you can feel it, too!)

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