Do you chant while you cook? My friend, Keri, says she chants, “Please don’t burn. Please don’t burn. Please don’t burn.” But I’m actually talking about mantra chanting. Using mantra while preparing food is an easy and uplifting way to enhance the healing energy of a meal. Our vibration goes into food: the emotion and intention we feel while cooking affects how the meal is experienced. Mantra chanting raises the vibration and brings more prana (life force) to our food. Prana infusion, anyone?

With the ever-increasing focus on eating fresh, organic, and local, we all want to get the most from the food we eat. By chanting mantra while cooking, we step it up even more. We sing peace and inspiration right into our food. In Kundalini Yoga: the Flow of Eternal Power, Shakti Parwha Kaur Khalsa shares her advice about cooking, “Use whatever you have, and chant while you prepare the food.” Whether it is a simple meal or an elaborate feast, food cooked with love always tastes better.

Any mantra can be used while cooking. If we are what we eat, then we just need to consider what vibration it is that we want to eat today. Season your food with some Ra Ma Da Sa for healing or Har Haray Haree for prosperity. Put on your favorite mantra CD and chant along. I love to chant Jin Prem Kio to express the love in my heart while I prepare food for my family. If I’m having a rough day, the Guru Ram Das chant is especially helpful for redirecting the negative thoughts and uplifting the energy I put into the meal.  Yoga retreat chefs, Bir Singh and Sirgun Kaur of Austin, say they use Mangala Charan by Satkirin Kaur Khalsa “when energy gets low.” They say it picks them up as the chefs and “puts good energy in the food for the students to keep up.”

Blessing our food – giving thanks – is also an important piece of healthy, balanced eating. Food can make us full but it is a much deeper level of satiation when we live in gratitude for what we have. Putting the intention of gratitude into the food we eat is a blessing for all who have participated in the process: the sun, rain, and earth that grew the plants, the hands that helped prepare and distribute the ingredients, those that lovingly prepared the meal, and the lucky ones who get to enjoy it. It is an honoring of the food and the sacred vessel that it feeds.

Vibration is sometimes subtle but it is real. Feed yourself and your loved ones the best. Feed them mantra!

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