Ung sung waa-hay guroo

The dynamic, living ecstasy of the universe is dancing within every cell of me

Mantra chanting with Ang Sung Wahe Guru celebrates the realization that there is no piece or part of ourselves, no action, and no life that is not already the living vibration of the Infinite. It is all God. We are one.

If you can believe that God is in every single cell of your body, and is reverberating and recreating in the cycle of change every seventy-two hours, you will feel connected to all that is.  This is  the power of this mantra.

This mantra is used to eliminate haunting thoughts, bring peace when there is emotional imbalance, and to counter the phobias and depression that can happen in times of war. It reminds us of the larger connection with the universe and takes us out of limited, defensive thinking.

Incorporating this mantra into your life and your thought patterns is a powerful practice on its own. A powerful Kundalini Yoga practice is to say ‘Ang Sang Wahe Guru’ to yourself 25 times a day. You can do this by listening to music or just silently reciting it to yourself.

Excerpt From “Mantra: Personal Guidance through the Power of the Word” by Bibiji Inderjit Kaur Khalsa, PhD.

“Chanting this mantra, the dynamic, loving energy of the Infinite is dancing in every limb and every cell of our being. Individual consciousness merges with the Universal Consciousness. In this mantra, we experience that we are not alone. The Infinite One is with us in every cell and every limb of our being. We feel the Divine Presence removing our fears and loneliness. This mantra expresses a universal truth. Repeating it creates a thought, which gradually guides the psyche to adjust itself. It reconnects every fragmented projection of the psyche, each separated part of the body, and synchronizes the finite to the Infinite. This act of rejoining the separated parts is the quintessential act of healing. Under attack, under war, under the pressures of fear, this meditation keeps us together, conscious, and ready to act. It brings the inner peacefulness that comes only from the touch and scope of spirit.”


Excerpt From: Bibiji Inderjit Kaur Khalsa, PhD. “Mantra: Personal Guidance through the Power of the Word.” iBooks.

There are also numerous and powerful Kundalini Yoga meditations that involve mantra chanting with Ang Sang Wahe Guru.  The Meditation for the Seventh and Eighth Chakras published in the yoga manual Physical Wisdom and the meditation Healing the Self published in the book Senses of the Soul by Guru Meher Singh. Other meditations use repetitions silently on the breath as a meditative pranayama. Shakti Parwha Kaur Khalsa recommends in her book, Kundalini Yoga: the Flow of Eternal Power, that this mantra be used while massaging the body during a cold shower. This morning practice starts the day with remembrance of God (and many other benefits of taking cold showers).

Listen to it, recite it, sing it; this mantra is great anytime.

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