There are a number of things I have observed while reviewing yoga music and watching it sell here at spirit voyage. I thought it would be a great post if I could put them in here succinctly.

1) In this genre soft soothing female vocalists sell probably 8-1 over men.  Most people are using this music for yoga, meditation, massage, sat nam rasayan, reiki, to sleep to or generally relaxing music. Male vocalists can really benefit from the use of sweet, soft female supporting vocalists.

2) Put at least 1/10 of the effort into the artwork as the music. It is unfortunate to see such fantastic music in simple photographs or poorly packaged. Really good graphics can be done for $500- 2k and they make a huge difference. Not having great artwork is like baking the cake and forgetting the frosting.

3)  The best albums show a wide range of high caliber tracks which I would say should  be a minimumof 7 tracks. This should include some soothing, some upbeat, some english, lots of mantra, and musical variations throughout the tracks. Be cautious though of distracting instrumentals. Some looped music and single track albums can be good for chanting but they can also diminish the brand of the artist and have no broader appeal beyond what I call practitioners.

4) Approach the project with complete reverence and a very modern ear. People want music from people that are completely devoted in their path. Realizing that this music comes from a sacred lineage is super important. Many people are turned off to a sound that seems unauthentic. At the other end of the spectrum however- if the music doesn’t sound like something else contemporary, it is probably not going to connect with people.

5) The musician/yogis who build a life for themselves release an album every year. Generally each consecutive album should raise sales and awareness of the previous ones.

6) Perform live. Delivering live kirtan is really the only way to be successful. Kirtan is a unique meditative musical experience all in itself. Giving people that experience is what its all about.To me the best music produced and recorded is like the resonance of that experience.

I would also note that someone is going to find a niche in really upbeat dance music for Kundalini Yoga. If there is a DJ out there who can mix a strong hip hop bass to any kind of kundalini mantra and get it to market there is a demand for it.

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