It will include classes from Snatam Kaur, Sopurkh Singh, Siri Om and also Mahan Kirn, who will teach MahBoundLotus, as detailed below…
MahBoundLotus®: Also known as Baddha Padmasana or Bound Lotus, has its roots in Kundalini, Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga; A restorative posture that engages the entire body by binding it into the symbol of Infinity, as taught by Mahan Kirn Kaur.


At Spirit Fest you will be introduced to MahBoundLotus, and begin to understand how self-mastery with this pose can change your life.  We will review warm-ups and how the silence (shuniya) and self-healing is created through this kriya.  The process of binding the self into the symbol of Infinity and what effects can lead to the ability to recognize what Yogi Bhajan called the Projective Meditative Mind and the Healing Art of Sat Nam Rasayan, as taught by Guru Dev Singh. On the second day we will delve further into MahBoundLotus, so you may begin or continue this practice at home. It is a powerful self-healing practice.


Bring props: scarves, towels, pillows, old neck tie etc.

Yogi Bhajan first gave Bound Lotus to Mahan Kirn Kaur, as a sustained practice, after 2 years, she was requested to teach it to the world.
“The yogis who practiced this thousands of years ago lived to be over 120 years old without any illness or disease….I can’t make them do it, if they do let them know it will help them with their future.” —Yogi Bhajan


Enhances flexibility—ankles, knees, legs and spine gain increased mobility, opens the shoulders and hips.

Improves digestion—organs are in fetal position of rest, allowing the rejuvenation of the digestive system

Strengthens the nervous and immune systems

Clears and opens the charkas

Releases karmic and samskaric obstacles, negative tendencies and emotions

Develops the state of Shuniya—Divine Stillness, Anand—Supreme Bliss, and Samadhi—Awakened Consciousness

This practice is for EVERYONE.

You will be shown how to use Props and Modifications, to be able to sustain, incorporate and grow with this ancient practice as a part of your daily life.

“When a person masters Bound Lotus, they shall have the capacity
to change a person and their environments by their presence alone.”
Yogi Bhajan

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