Love on the Spiritual Path

When I was growing up and well into my 20s, I assumed that if you were pretty and smart and nice, someone would want to marry you. Yet I was not married and I wanted to be married.

I had no understanding of vibration, karma, acceptance, divine timing and soul mates.

Then 3 years ago, a friend directed me to kundalini yoga at Golden Bridge in Los Angeles. I was delighted to find that I could do meditations specifically for romantic purposes. When I did the Healing The Wounds of Love meditation, I felt blackness in my head get scrubbed away and the gong session activated a pain in my hip bone that was then released.

After singing this mantra 11 days on my own, stuck energy came out of my mouth. I played So Purkh to draw a man of God to me.

I chanted Aad Guray Nameh like a good kundalini yogini to attract a husband. Many kundalini yogis know this as a protection mantra, but it is also for heart projection.

I read the Art of Making Sex Sacred to learn about how you and your partner should breathe into your chakras together.

I was not focusing solely on romantic love. Kundalini yoga also teaches surrender and serenity, no matter what.

I came to understand that some of us have contracted with many soul mates and we have to go through them before we can get to the marriage partner. I
came to realize that when someone breaks up with you and you did not want this, that, in truth, you agreed to this before you were born. In pre-birth
planning, you and your partner decided the course of the relationship and signed a contract together IN GOLD. You were not powerless in this
situation. I found out that some of our souls decided to learn lessons of forgiveness and patience. I learned that fear is not real and only love is

This is not what mainstream movies and magazines tell you. The goal is always marriage, and probably ASAP. Nobody tells you anything about multiple
soul mate contracts or karma or planetary arrangements. Or nobody told me. It’s not about being pretty enough or smart enough or nice enough to get someone to love you.

Chanting mantras can help you come to these spiritual understandings and also burn through karma so that you can be with your Divine partner.

Searching for someone is old energy. The new energy is to vibrate and attract.

My marriage is already done in the mind of God.

If you don’t feel this way for yourself, you are invited to come to my Soul Mate workshop on Saturday, February 12 at The Hanuman Center in San

If you are not yet with your partner on the earth plane, all it means is that love is on the way!

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