In this exclusive live stream class, Karena Virginia and Simrit will guide you through a variety of kundalini yoga practices that will bring energy to your heart center, allowing you to soften into the experience of your true divine nature. You will explore vocal exercises, chanting, and meditations that focus on opening the heart.

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Experience the Magic of Simrit and Karena Virginia 

Simrit Takes us to the heart of yoga and music in her live performance of Kudrat Kavan in Grass Valley in Northen California.

Karena shares a powerful Kundalini meditation that opens us to healing, miracles and the transformative nature the universe.

Join Simrit and Karena as we journey to find our individual connections to the divine and open our hearts to the miracles that occur around us every day.

Through Kundalini Yoga and it’s tremendous Sound Technologies, we will come together to experience the beauty and confidence of self­-love, and become empowered to live the life we were born to live. Connect with yourself on a deeper level, open your heart, and renew and rejuvenate on the sacred land of Playa Secreto.

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