Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 1.48.26 PM“I can’t.” “It’s never going to happen.” “It’s impossible.” How often have you said these words? Or maybe you don’t say them out loud, but  you still think them to yourself. Either way, by allowing yourself to believe that something is impossible, you’re limiting your potential. But is it even possible to believe that you can make the impossible possible? Yes! As students of Kundalini yoga and meditation, we have the tools shift our thinking. Believe it or not, there’s a kriya for this!

First, though, we should take a moment to examine why we think something is impossible. Self-doubt? Scarcity of resources? Lack of time or incentive? Maybe it’s something that you feel is out of your control? More often than not, there’s a solution at hand. Look at the task from a different perspective. Discuss the problem with a friend or loved one. Pray, if that’s something you do, or send positive vibes to the universe. Before giving up, see if there’s a way you can change how you view the matter.

But sometimes it really does seem impossible. Sometimes the blocks appear to be insurmountable, and we then begin to slip into despair. Despair is self-perpetuating: it breeds a greater sense of impossibility, and we can’t even recognize that maybe there really IS a way out.

It’s often said that we create our own realities. So if we only see defeat and despair, that’s what we’re going to attract. If we allow our attitudes to shift, we begin to envision positive outcomes. If we can just IMAGINE the possibility of success, we move ourselves one step closer to making it happen! You don’t even have to believe it to imagine it; start by suspending disbelief, and over time, you’ll notice a change.

To help this process, there’s a wonderful meditation called Gan Puttee Kriya, The Kriya to Make the Impossible Possible. This is a very easy kriya, which combines parts of two other well-known meditations: Kirtan Kriya and the Ra Ma Da Sa Healing Meditation.

Sit like a yogi with a straight spine and eyes nine-tenths closed. Chant from the heart in a steady rhythm, either in a monotone or in the manner of Kirtan Kriya: SA TA NA MA RA MA DA SA SA SAY SO HUNG. As you chant, touch your fingers together in the same way as in the Kirtan Kriya: for SA, your thumb and Jupiter (index) finger touch, for TA, your thumb and Saturn (middle) finger touch, for NA, your thumb and Sun (ring) finger touch, and MA, thumb and Mercury (pinkie) finger touch. You start the hand movement again with RA and the Jupiter finger, and so on. If you like musical accompaniment, there are a few recordings of this mantra available that will help you keep up.

To finish, inhale deeply, hold the breath in and move every part of your body for 20-30 seconds. Repeat this two more times, to circulate the prana through the entire body. Then sit in stillness for at least a minute, concentrating on the tip of the nose. Start practicing this meditation for 11 minutes and build up to 31. (You’ll find a full explanation of this kriya in the book Self-Knowledge).

By joining the mantras of two other powerful meditations, the Gan Puttee Kriya creates a strong force for self-healing and removing negativity. When we can get out from under the dark cloud of negative thoughts, we can begin to see a spark of possibility in all that we do and wish for. With practice, we can eliminate “I can’t” as a personal mantra and replace it with one that will move us forward, toward all the possibilities that life has to offer.

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