Kundalini Transformation Kit: Yoga and Mantras for Prosperity

Have you checked out GuruGanesha Singh and Karan Khalsa’s book Yoga and Mantras for Prosperity yet? LA Yoga Magazine recently ran a review of this wonderful book, and it reaffirms what many who own it strongly feel: “This Transformation Kit is a valuable practice tool for anyone who wants to expand their levels of abundance.” Combining mantra, meditation, and 10 guiding principles from GuruGanesha, Yoga and Mantras for Prosperity is “a rich dessert for the soul.”

The 10 guiding principles GuruGanesha shares in this book include “Do something that is true to your core,” and “Master the art of win-win business.” These principles came from GuruGanesha’s reflection on his own life, and what has worked to open him to the abundance of the Universe. Consider that Spirit Voyage, a company once run out of GuruGanesha’s garage, has become a widely respected record label within the yoga music realm. The success GuruGanesha has had gives great weight to these guiding principles.  The reviewer said “reading the ten principles filled me with peace, love, joy and gratitude.”

The cd accompanying the book is an integral part of the meditations, in addition to being wonderful to listen to. Each track is associated with one of the meditations, and the combination of mantra and meditation work together to align you with the energy of Abundance and Prosperity. The reviewer said, “From the initial notes…I was hooked…I’d like to have everyone in my office chant along with “Bountiful” to start each day.”

One point reviewer Beth Shaw strongly emphasizes is the need to apply what you read in this book. “GuruGanesha Singh authors ten guiding principles, that when practiced…encourage the flow of abundance.” While it is, of course, helpful to change one’s mindset about prosperity and abundance, Kundalini yoga is a practical system of creating change through kriyas and meditation. The meditations found in Yoga and Mantras for Prosperity come with detailed instructions, making it easy to try out one (or more) of these yourself!

Yoga and Mantras for Prosperity would make a great addition to any yogi’s personal library. It is also on sale now through March 6, 2012!

Kundalini Transformation Kit: Yoga and Mantras for Prosperity

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