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Music Review by Luke Ketterhagen

Feeling Good Today
by Snatam Kaur

When asked to review Snatam Kaur’s children’s CD Feeling Good Today!, I decided to see how my kids would respond to it while curious how we might fit it in our busy schedule.  I placed it in the CD player and then got swept away by the standard barrage of parental responsibilities.  I actually forgot I had changed out my kids’ regular bedtime CD with Feeling Good Today!until I pushed play.  My seven-year-old son and five-year-old daughter loved the new music so much that they began singing along.  In bed, with their eyes closed, smiles on their faces, they belted out the wonderful lyrics: “The sun shines on everyone…the One Spirit lives in everyone…we pray, we pray for everyone….”  how is that for a review?!

Snatam has successfully fused happy, light, playful music with the timeless wisdom of  the great traditions.  She has masterfully blended ancient philosophical messages with everyday language to share with all – especially impressionable young minds.  Snatam’s delightful recordings of these nine tracks also carry a message any adult can not only appreciate, but learn from as well.

So, on the eve of Father’s Day, I sit in front of my computer grateful to Snatam Kaur for her brilliance.  As parents, we constantly look for positive images and language in a world that can often be overwhelmingly crude, disrespectful and negative.  Snatam joyfully leads a beautiful choir of youthful voices in a mix of songs that invites anyone to sing along.  The messages here reinforce concepts any parent would want absorbed by precious little minds.  The titles of the first few tracks tell all: “Feeling Good Today,” “The Sun Shines on Everyone,” and “I Am Happy.”  The jo on the kids’ faces says even more – Feeling Good Today! will be on our family playlist for many years to come.

— Luke Ketterhagen is a Yoga and meditation teacher who studied and lived at the Himalayan Institute for over seven years, and now teaches in Los Angeles:

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