It’s wonderful that we have such variety in kriyas and so I’ve put together a few Kundalini Yoga workouts for core strength. It’s important for all of us to have a strong core and these yoga workouts will help you build strength and muscle. Yoga for muscles works on the nervous system to strengthen your nerves as well. The nervous system is where our strength will lie in the Aquarian Age so let’s take all the help we can get! Kundalini Yoga for strength also helps us to focus on our core so that we can stand up for ourselves and follow our true path rather than someone else’s ideas for us.

When we talk about core strength, there are a few different components. We look at the muscles along the spine and lower back, but also in the abdomen and many of the muscles hidden deep in the abdominal cavity. As we sit at our desks our abdominal muscles contract and overtime forget how to release. This leads our lower back to arch off the ground as we lift into stretch pose, requiring that we modify with the palms under the hips to help balance. Yoga for these muscles helps us to release tension overtime and feel more confident so we can progress through our day free of lower back pain or with lessened pain.

One of the best Kundalini Yoga workouts for core strength is the “Abdominal Strengthening” set from Sadhana Guidelines. This kriya incorporates stretch pose, bow pose, locust, leg lifts and more to give you a fast paced and challenging yoga workout to build a strong core. Other Kundalini Yoga workouts for core strength in this manual include the “Kriya for Nerve, Navel & Lower Spine Strength” and “Flexibility and the Spine.” These sets can be more challenging for beginners, but work the whole body as well as building a strong core.

In the Owner’s Manual for the Human Body you will find the “Complete Workout for the Total Self.” While this kriya focuses on the glandular system, the leg lifts, bow, stretch pose and other exercises have you moving continuously, helping you build a strong core and providing you with a challenging yoga workout.

For a whole series of Kundalini Yoga workouts for core strength, you can try Guru Rattan Kaur’s Transitions to a Heart Centered World which includes classics like the “Navel Adjustment Kriya” and “Nabhi Kriya.” But you will also find yoga kriyas for strong core muscles like “the Navel Center and Elimination” and “Abdominal Strength, Tone and Fitness.” For the ladies, in the I AM A WOMAN manual, you’ll find the “Outward Bound Kriya” which is quite a challenge to begin, but will get you sweating and moving.

When you really want to work some yoga for core strength, but are short on time, try doing 3 minutes of stretch pose. This is a classic that Yogi Bhajan recommended be done each day to set the navel point. You can start with shorter intervals and rest in between to reach 3 minutes, or go for one minute and then build up as your strength increases. See Anne’s video below for instructions on how to properly practice stretch pose.

So gear up for a good yoga workout and get ready to sweat your way to a strong core. These Kundalini Yoga workouts for core strength are even more fun when you pair them with your favorite tunes such as Gurunam’s Change album. Yoga for strong muscles with build your inner strength as well and help you “keep up.”

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