Having trouble getting out of bed in the morning and need a few wake up songs to help motivate you? Need some wake up music to help you get up early for morning sadhana? Tired of being blasted awake by the unforgiving buzzing of your alarm clock? I think we have all been there before, you are enjoying a peaceful slumber and then you hear, “EH-EH-EH-EH.” Panicked and half-conscious, you try to figure out what is going on and then you realize that it is just the alarm going off. Well, if you have smartphone, MP3 player, iPod or music alarm clock; you can wake up to uplifting music instead. Studies have shown that starting the day off with positive affirmations helps to create a positive attitude for the day. Research also says that a positive disposition can make all the difference in leading a successful personal and professional life. Here is a great (in no particular order) Kundalini Yoga wake up playlist to help you get out of bed in the morning and start your day off on the right foot!

1. “Rise Up” by Guru Singh (Game of Chants)

This is the traditional wake up song as heard every year at Summer Solstice throughout camp beginning around 3:00am. When this song comes on in the morning, it may take you a moment to realize that you are not in your tent on Ram Das Puri being lovingly nudged awake by Guru Singh & Friends.

 2. “Rise Up” by Mirabai Ceiba (Mountain Sadhana)

Mirabai Ceiba’s cover of Guru Singh’s song with Angelika’s divine voice. Think of it as the feminine version to the classic. It is great to alternate selection for some variety. It is also a nice background song to play before leading group sadhana in the morning while everyone is getting set up.

3. “Wake Up” by Mata Mandir Singh (Furmaan Khalsa)

The album, Furman Khalsa, is full of original poetry by Yogi Bhajan and sung by Mata Mandir Singh. Slowly wake up to the beautiful sounds of the flute and Mata Mandir’s voice reminding you to, “Wake up; sing God’s praises and realize your destiny.”

 4. “Breeze at Dawn” by Mirabai Ceiba (Between the Shores of Our Souls)

This song is part of the album that was nominated as one of the Top 10 Best New Age Albums of 2012. “Breeze at Dawn” is a poem by Rumi put to song by Mirabai Ceiba and accompanied by an etheric piano. Listen to the wisdom of Rumi and, “Don’t go back to sleep.”

5. “Har Har Mukhande” & “Har Har Gobine Mukhande” by Avtar Singh (Healing Sounds of the Ancients Vol 4) 

Har Har Mukhande & Har Har Gobine Mukhande both open with a few minutes of Yogi Bhajan saying, “Let Thy Soul Be Awakened,” and “Wake Up, Wake up, Wake up.” Do what the Master of Kundalini Yoga says!

 6. “Light of My Soul” by Sat Darshan & Sirgun Kaur (The Music Within)

This is a great wake up song because it’s very positive and uplifting. I don’t think it is possible to hear this song and not end up with a smile on your face while, “I AM-ing” your way to your yoga mat for your morning practice.

7. “Rising Oneness” by Aykanna (Livelight)

Here is an instrumental song to add to the list. Listening to this song makes me think that if the first rays of the sun gracing the sleeping earth had a sound, it would be this. The harmonium and guitar gently awaken you into the day. Aykanna fans will also want to check out “Rising with the Dawn” on the Mother album as another wake up song with lyrics.

8. “Longtime Sun” by Harnam (A Fearless Heart)

The Longtime Sun is the song that closes a Kundalini Yoga class, but it also makes a wonderful blessing to begin your morning with. The slide guitar with Harnam’s smooth vocals will be sure to softly awaken you with the prayer to welcome in a new day.

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