“Is there an app for that, Mama?” After seeing the iPhone app commercial a few times, my daughter was asking me about apps for everything. Whenever we needed to do anything, she wanted to know if there really was an app for that. And, if I look beyond Apple technology to the ancient technology of Kundalini Yoga, I can honestly say that yes, there is an app for just about anything we need to take care of ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. In Kundalini Yoga we call them kriyas and they’re not just for calorie counting and travel plans. Kundalini Yoga has apps for the day to day issues as well as the deep stuff.

What’s great about Kundalini Yoga is that if you want to create mental balance and get rid of subconscious “garbage,” there’s an app for that: Kirtan Kriya

If you want to explore the experience of sacred sexuality and polarities, there’s an app for that: Venus Kriyas

And if you want to check into higher states of consciousness and get to know who you are beyond the chatter of the mind, there’s an app for that: Bound Lotus

Inviting prosperity? App: Subagh Kriya

Dropping the fiery flames of internal anger? App: Kriya to Relieve Inner Anger

Getting a good night’s sleep? App: Kriya for Achieving Comfortable, Happy Sleep

Cleaning out the colon and making use of that prune juice in your fridge? App: Colon Cleanser

Getting your creative inspiration flowing? App: For Creativity

Developing the navel center to expand your tolerance and humility? App: Kriya for Tolerance

Sending healing energy to any of the many varied people or situations that need it in this world? App: Ra Ma Da Sa

Yep. There’s an app for just about anything. Only in Kundalini Yoga.

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