From February 1-23, 2013 you can study with Gurmukh, Gurushabad, Sat Siri and more right on the banks of the Ganges in the birthplace of yoga!   Rishikesh is nestled into the base of the Himalayas and provides a rich experience of Mother India.

Based on the science of Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, the Aquarian Teacher program is a journey of your soul. Develop yourself as a human as you become a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. The Aquarian Teacher Certification is open both to yoga students ready to become teachers and those who wish to immerse themselves in the science of Kundalini Yoga. Experience transformation in the present where peaceful vitality is alive in the ancient land itself!

The Aquarian Teacher program is the KRI Level 1 Certification program in Kundalini Yoga. You will become a teacher and gain a deep understanding and experience of the core of the science of Kundalini Yoga. Develop the skills to instruct students in Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Practice teaching Kundalini Yoga in a practicum setting, participate in early morning Sadhanas (spiritual practice), and experience the powerful transformational energy of White Tantric Yoga. This 220 hour course is comprised of 200 hours of classroom instruction to become a teacher and 20 hours of independent study.

Classroom instruction includes:
* Classes in Kundalini Yoga Kriyas & Meditations
* Psychology of a Kundalini Yoga Teacher
* Yogic Philosophy & The Origin of Kundalini Yoga
* Yogic & Western Anatomy
* Humanology & Yogic Lifestyle

At night, after class, sit on the banks of the river during evening arti, chanting with monks and nuns and children and pilgrims in a ceremony of light!

(Editor’s Note: This is the Teacher Training program that I took and it forever changed my life!  The combination of the teachings of Kundalini yoga with the experience of being in India is priceless and unforgettable.~Ramdesh Kaur)

A view of one of the many beautiful courtyards in the ashram.



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