Where do you teach? Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 2.21.36 PM

I teach in New Jersey and New York City primarily, but love to travel and spread love with others. I have been teaching at conferences and yoga centers around the country, and now just returning from the Texas Yoga Conference.  In May I will be teaching a workshop with Snatam Kaur at Kripalu, and in June we will be teaching in New Mexico at the Summer Solstice celebration.

How long have you been teaching? 

I have been teaching Yoga for nearly twenty years.

When did you start your program?

Recently I have been teaching a powerful program that enables us to use Kundalini Yoga, mantra and meditation as tools for shifting our thoughts from fear to love.  When we cancel out our fears, and change our thoughts to radiance and light, we activate love and attract miracles. It is a simple program that offers tremendous results.

What is your teaching style? 

I enjoy teaching classes that are accessible and understandable, while at the same time deeply transformative and touching. I encourage students to journey within and observe.  Students can feel comfortable reaching deeply into themselves to recognize and release blocks.  My style is very nurturing and my hope is that students feel an embrace of Divine Love and acceptance in my classes. I also utilize intuition and healing modalities in all of my classes as well.  I would say my style is soft and gentle while being transformative and intense at the same time.

How do you keep it fresh for your students? 

I keep it fresh for my students by recognizing and honoring that I am not perfect.  I am a student in this life as well.  While I have things to teach others, I am always learning myself.  I also practice self-care through my personal practices daily.  If I refuel myself, there is an illumination that can be shared with others.  We must provide for ourselves before we serve others, otherwise our giving does not come the authentic space in our hearts.  When I give from a place of lack, it may appear lovely to another, but it does not resonate with my highest truth.  When I take time to open my heart with love and light to God and my own soul, I feel plugged into the most fascinating a miraculous Abundance… heaven on earth.  And from that space of fulfillment, source energy seems to move through me effortlessly.

What’s your favorite kriya to teach? 

The Ten Bodies is one of my favorite Kriyas to teach.  I teach many beginner Yoga students, and find this Kriya to be a wonderful introduction to Kundalini Yoga.  I do not usually plan which Kriya I will teach until the moment class begins. I carry a binder full of Kriyas and a few manuals in my teaching bag – which now has wheels! After we tune in with Ong Namo and I get a chance to sense the energy of the class, and the day, and with guidance from beyond, I choose the yoga series. It is quite amazing how the perfect Kriya for the group comes to manifest.

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What’s your favorite place to meditate? 

In nature. The beach is one of my favorite meditations spots early in the morning when all I hear is nature waking up.  I love to imagine my breath moving with the flow of the ocean waves.

What is your favorite music to play during classes? 

There is so much amazing music! I LOVE it all!  While I play a variety of music, the musicians I share the most are my beautiful friends Snatam Kaur and Simrit Kaur.

What’s the hardest thing about being a teacher?

The hardest thing about being a teacher is balancing time. I love being a mother of my two beautiful children. They are my priority. At the same time I am working on videos, writing, counseling and traveling, But the core is teaching my classes. That is the human reality. I take inspiration from Yogi Bhajan who always came back and simply sat and taught his classes. That was how he balanced his time – being present to teach – again and again. Most of the teachings of Yogi Bhajan we have on record are from him simply teaching his classes.

What’s the most rewarding experience you’ve ever had teaching?

I see miracles everyday. Healing. Babies. Love. Being an instrument in helping another create a life of their dreams in my greatest reward. It brings my soul such great joy and purpose.

Which teachers have had the biggest influence on you?  

Yogi Bhajan is the teacher who has had the greatest influence on me.  I carry him in my heart. Tuning into Yogi Bhajan’s energy inspires me to be a vessel of light for the world.


More about Karena….www.karena.tv

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