Where do you teach?Anne Novak

I am blessed to teach at the beautiful yoga space at New Morning Market in Woodbury, CT along with private classes in my home studio. And I have also recently begun teaching at Newport Academy Teen Treatment Center.

How long have you been teaching?
I have been teaching Kundalini Yoga for about 14 years.

What is your teaching style?

I was once told by a student that the nickname on the street for my class is the “Be Brave Yoga Class!” So I would say I like to challenge my students to discover for themselves just how amazing they are. 🙂

How do you keep it fresh for your students?

I find that students really enjoy learning in-depth about various aspects of the principles and concepts of Kundalini Yoga. So I might devote a couple of weeks at a time to classes and discussion of a variety of topics such as Ten Bodies, or a particular chakra, rebirthing kriyas, Humanology, healing addiction, etc…
What’s your favorite kriya to teach?
I have many, many favorites! I’m definitely drawn to teaching kriyas that have a lot of contrast within them, an interplay of movement and stillness, like Kriya to Become Super Human and Withstand the Pressure of Time. I also enjoy kriyas, such as Polarity Balance Kriya, that involve partner work so that students can interact directly with each other. It’s so powerfully healing. My favorite rebirthing kriya is Unloading the Past of Harsh Memories. I have had the great joy to witness it release and heal so much pain and suffering so quickly on so many levels so many times.
What’s your favorite place to meditate?
That’s a tough one! Of course it’s always lovely to meditate in my cozy space at home in front of my altar. But I also very much enjoy the energy of a  group sadhana, which I do once a week with some fellow yogis at a nearby studio, and sadhana at Summer Solstice in New Mexico is always incredibly special. And last but not least, when spending time by the ocean, meditating on the beach at sunrise is a gift.

What is your favorite music to play during classes?

I am constantly updating my music but have many old favorites as well. Currently, I can’t get enough of Nirinjan Kaur’s From Within (just mesmerizingly pure), Jai-Jagdeesh’s Of Heaven & Earth (absolute joy!),  Gurunam Singh’s Union (great energy!) and Sarah Calvert’s version of the Siri Mantra from Love and Light is on repeat in my car and at home (beautifully soothing and peaceful). And I rarely teach a class without at least one song by Snatam Kaur – everything she does is positively brilliant, her voice touches every heart and heals it.

What’s the hardest thing about being a teacher?

The hardest part is making sure I get enough sleep. : )

What’s the most rewarding experience you’ve ever had teaching?

The most rewarding class I have ever taught was in a juvenile detention center for girls. I watched a barrier of cold, hard anger, fear and mistrust dissolve into genuine laughter, joy and singing in less than an hour. Wahe guru!

Which teachers have had the biggest influence on you?

I am forever grateful to Gurmukh Kaur for introducing me to Kundalini Yoga. And I have learned so much from many wonderful teachers since then. In particular, Tej Kaur, Ravi Singh, Mukta Kaur of SuperHealth, Taran Tarn Singh,  Mahan Rishi Singh and Nirbhe Kaur, each of whom has truly “been there for me” in a time of need.

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