The 10 of Earth
The Great Work

This week’s card suggests that you consider The Great Work in your life. What are you striving for? What is the legacy that you will leave after you die? What do you want to accomplish in this lifetime?

Maybe your great work is your children – doing your best to inspire them to adopt healthy boundaries, and value systems, and to give them the tools to function in the world today. Maybe your Great Work is a book or a set of poetry, songs, or artwork. Perhaps your Great Work is yourself – bringing your physical body to optimum level of health, efficiency and skill. Maybe your Great Work is to develop a special talent you have and share it through live performance, teaching, and/or digital media.

Whatever it is, this is your week to hone in on what you want to accomplish, and be mindful of how you can best structure your life in order to support and manifest this goal.

Recognize the habits and behaviors that contribute to your work, and acknowledge the ones that distract you. Notice the ways in which you get swept off your path and drawn into programs that don’t resonate with your calling.

The number 10 recognizes the principal of totality – of manifestation on the physical level. It suggests a high degree of integrity, evolution, and impact. The number 10 calls on you to adopt the highest ideals and most elevated consciousness as you work towards the completion of your goal.

The Earth element suggests that this Great Work is something tangible, or measureable. Be conscious of its impact on others and the lasting power that it will have long after you have left the Earth plane yourself. Be mindful of the direction you want to take, and the direction that this work will take others in. Notice its affect on you as you work toward your goal, and be conscious of how this energy carries over to the work itself, and eventually to those who experience it in its final form.

The Ten of Earth shares energetic overtones with the sign of Virgo and the planet Mercury. The symbolism of this indicates that you be mindful of the details in your project at every step in the process. Stay organized in your approach and keep records of your development. Make a plan, stay on task, and communicate your ideas to others.

A pitfall to be aware of: make sure you don’t get too hung up in criticism around your work as you proceed. A heavy-hearted blow to your ideas or approach (especially coming from a close friend or loved one) could put your project in the waste basket for a while, or at least stunt its growth in such a way that leaves you hanging like a boat without a rudder.

Most importantly, don’t let your own self-criticism get in the way of your progress. Don’t worry if your Great Work isn’t moving forward at the pace you might ultimately desire. Instead, nurture your project with tender care, like you are looking after a young child. Treat yourself in the same loving manner as you work through your own process, a process that will open you up and expose more of the true, authentic you as you continue on the path toward developing your own unique and lasting Great Work. Congratulations and good luck!

This mantra "Bahota Karam" will help you have success in your Great Work!

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