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Looking for music to play during a Kundalini Yoga kriya that calls for dancing? Searching for a yoga dance playlist? There are a number of Kundalini Yoga kriyas that call for dancing. Sometimes there will be dancing in the middle of a yoga set and other times it will be at the end. One may wonder why there would be dancing in a yoga class and what significance it has to the kriya.

Everyone has their own relationship with dancing. Beginners to Kundalini Yoga may feel awkward about the idea while others fully embrace it. The uncomfortable feeling may arise from worrying if others are watching you, thinking you are not a good dancer, etc.  Regardless of the reason, dancing can tell us a lot about ourselves and also can be very healing. Dancing doesn’t need to have to do with anyone else, but with your own self.

Dancing is a meditative state like any other healing forms. It is helpful in facilitating the feeling of letting go and joyfulness. Dancing also creates a feeling of emancipation, restores flow, strengthens intuition and awakens creativity. It is hard to dance when you are thinking. Dancing forces one to internally listen and react from a place of neutrality.

When in doubt, there is an old saying that goes something like, “When you take the ‘E’ out of the word ’emotion’, you get, ‘motion.’” Whenever you are feeling blocked, contracted, stuck, or overly emotional; creating movement through dance can help get the energy flowing again.

Here is a Kundalini Yoga dance playlist to get you going:

Rhythms of Gatka by Mata Mandir Singh

Yogi Bhajan often played this during classes that called for dancing on one foot at a time. It is an ashtanga or eight-beat drum. It picks up as it goes along and will be sure to make you sweat.

Bhangra Remix by Krishan

Features remixes from your favorite Spirit Voyage artists set to Punjabi electric rhythms. A great all around album to play for yoga sets that call for dancing or Bhangra music.

Wahe Guru Jio- Techno by Gurudass from Namo

Longtime 3HO musician, Gurudass’ latest album features a version of the Wahe Guru Jio Mantra that will be sure to move your feet.

Kundalini Remix by Various Artists

Favorite sacred mantras revisited in up-tempo remixes.

Har Har Har Har Gobinday by Sada Sat from Mantra Masala

High energy gospel-like Kundalini groove that will make it hard to not move your hands.


Adi Shakti by Benjahmin from Wholly Woman

Benjahmin is where the Caribbean meets Kundalini. Awaken the Shakti force within with Reggae style mantra music.

If you are looking for Kundalini yoga sets that include dancing in them, here are a few:

Kundalini Yoga for Youth and Joy:

Frontal Brain

Kriya for Metabolic Change

Reaching Me in Me:

Glandular System

Renew Your Nervous System

Praana Praanee Praanayam:

Kriya for Victory

Mastering the Self Volume One:

Balance the Mind I

Balance the Mind II

Kriya for the Frontal Brain

Preventing Mega Information Syndrome

Serving the Infinite Volume Two:

Facing the Challenge of Tomorrow

Polarity Balance Kriya

Meditation for the Secret Door of the Six Sounds

Balance the Mind in Group Energy

Truth and Oneness

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