(Editor’s Note: Communication problems are caused by many things, and make it difficult to interact with others.  Effective communication is essential for living in this world.  Here, Nihal Singh shares a mudra and a Kundalini meditation for communication problems.)

It is quite impressive to realize how much we as a species have evolved in the past 2+ million years; yet we still have challenges in mastering the art of communication. Breakdowns in communication can come from trouble speaking one’s truth, inability to listen, misinterpretation of what others meant, etc. Communication is just as much speaking as it is listening.

We are all a product of our environments, upbringing and culture; which all shape how we communicate. We may know English, but still not speak the same language. When we come together it is important to not relate to our own little worlds, but to the person we are interacting with. We all communicate in the style that we would like to be communicated back to, but that style doesn’t always work for everyone. What is said and what is perceived is said, can be two totally different things.

Communicating in your own head is easy because it is a controlled environment. Effective communication with other requires spontaneity, flexibility and adaptability. We must learn to speak another’s language. It is an adjustment that takes time to learn.

Communication is a two way street that requires speaking your truth, being heard and conscious listening. It is also important to not always take everything so personally. Not everything is a judgment or a personal attack. If it ever feels that way, take your emotional response out of the situation and then truly seek to understand what the other person is trying to communicate. You may find that what was said and how you perceived it are two different things.

Kundalini Yoga is the yoga for householders who live in the real world. A value to living in the world is that you are subject to feedback. In a cave you receive no feedback. Positive or constructive, external feedback is essential in spiritual growth. Without feedback, we may not be aware of our blind spots.

Effective communication is a challenge, but these challenges we have with others are a reflection to our challenges with God. If we relate from only our own little world, we are not in relation with the universal. There is more to life than just I and me. Watch your attitudes around communication and seek to find what are the obstacles that are blocking your communication with others.

Yogi Bhajan taught that Buddhi Mudra can be held when trying to communicate. This mudra is simply holding the pinky finger (aka Mercury finger) to the thumb. A good explanation to the power of this mudra can be found in the Infinity and Me manual in the meditation, “Mudra to Open Up Blockages in Communication.” This manual also includes a great meditation called, “Working the 4th, 5th and 6th Chakras.”

Infinity and Me by Harijot Kaur Khalsa

There is a great meditation that Yogi Bhajan taught called, “Solving Communication Problems” which can be found in Reaching Me In Me and Serving the Infinite.

Reaching Me In Me by Hariojot Kaur Khalsa

Transformation Vol. 2: Serving the Infinite by Yogi Bhajan

“Solving Communication Problems” is a great meditation that helps to bring up anything that is blocking your ability to communicate effectively. Give it a try if this is an aspect that you want to work on.

Solving Communication Problems Meditation:

-Sit in Easy Pose

-Touch the pinky fingers and thumbs together. The ring finger is bent, but not touching the palm! The rest of the fingers are sticking up and separated (see image below).

– The hands are approximately 4 inches away from the chest.

– The eyes are closed focused at the tip of the nose. Straight spine with the chin tucked.

– Listen to “Beloved God” for 11 minutes.

This meditation is practiced with the song, “Beloved God” by Singh Kaur from the album, Peace Lagoon. Overall, Peace Lagoon is one of the best old school 3HO albums. Yogi Bhajan also used the song, “Hukam” in a few other meditations. Peace Lagoon also includes other great songs such as, “Ad Guray Nameh” and “Make Myself a Slave.”

Peace Lagoon by Singh Kaur

The meditation posture

The mudra

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