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Gian Siddhi Kriya taught by Yogi Bhajan July 28th 1992

Have your hands over your ears, fingers pointing straight back. Chant the Sarb Shakti Mantra, Gobinday, Mukunday, Udaray , Uparay, Hariang, Kariang, Nearnomay, Akamay,  four times per breath. Eyes closed. Start with 11 min. and build up to 31 min. over time.

Yogi Bhajan’s Comments:

‘This gives control of the 108 elements of the Universe and control over Life and Death. If you master this practice you will gain Gian Siddhi, the power to know, when you are talking to someone, that whatever they are talking, thinking, or saying inside, will be as clear to you as a loudspeaker. You may be diplomatic and tolerate the falsehoods, but you will know the truth, and what they are all about. When you practice this Meditation with your inner sensory system, you will start hearing the inner sound. And as the inner sounds start developing you will begin to know the little sound of your conscience and Consciousness.’

Additional Comments: Gian translates as Wisdom. Siddhi is a gift of Grace granted through discipline. Siddhis are yogic “powers,” which allow us to be super-sensory. May our humility always be commensurate with our attainment. The Sarb Shakti (“all powerful”) mantra is known as a “fate killer.” The implications of that are truly profound. When we apply ourselves to a Spiritual practice with our hearts and souls, a point comes when new vistas and possibilities reveal themselves to us. The existence of something beyond the body can no longer be denied.

For pronunciation guidance, try Mantras of the Master by Santokh Singh PhD.

Mantras of the Master

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