Lone feather int he sky.

It’s hard to have trust when you have been let down in the past. This lack of trust can develop from being hurt by family, friends, or in relationships. Many people will tell you to just trust and the universe will provide. That’s easy to say when things are going well, but it can feel like a load of crap when there’s nothing but chaos going on in your life. It all depends on which reality you want to commit to. There is a choice, but how do we even get to the point where we can choose?

If we are telling ourselves we are fine when deep inside we don’t believe that, we are only fooling ourselves. If you don’t have that deep feeling of trust within yourself, it can feel like your life is just here for God’s and everyone else’s own personal amusement. There is no faith. For some reason, while everyone else gets to live their lives, you are continually asking yourself, “When is it my turn?” Despite whatever chaos is going on outside of you, you cannot change anything, unless you go within and learn to trust.

Without inner reality, there will never be outer reality. You need to work on the roots, not the flower. Clean up your issues internally around trust and the external world will be forced to follow suit. Now you may have great reasons to not trust. You may have been hurt badly in the past. But without working on trusting yourself, you will continually attract relationships and circumstances that bring about all sorts of issues.

What is trust really? Trust is knowing you will fine no matter what. But, how do you achieve this feeling? Trust comes from love and commitment to yourself. This love and commitment to yourself develops a deep inner knowing. Despite external circumstances, nothing can shake you. You know exactly who you are, and there is no other place you rather be than in your own skin.

There are many divine souls born onto this earth with gifts, including you. But, we learn to stop trusting. Over time, we forget our gifts, or even run away from them. When you are gifted, you are different, and being different can be so hard to handle that you want to kill it. This is tragic. It’s very interesting that we can get so separated from ourselves that we actually try to kill off the very best parts of ourselves.

Not too long ago, when you were perceived to be different, you were burnt at the stake. It’s time to come back home and commit to yourself. Try this meditation for trust for 40-90 days if you feel called to do so. You can find it in Shakta Kaur’s book, Kundalini Yoga which is a fantastic book for beginners or in the Sadhana Guidelines under the “Meditation for Brosa.”

When you are shut down, the electromagnetic field around the heart can contract. I have found that the meditation helps to ground and elevate the heart. After some time, you can feel the heart filling into the aura and surrounding you with love.

Meditation for Trust: Meditation for Brosa

1. Sit in easy pose.

2. Lift the arms up over the head with the right palm over the left for males and the left palm over the right for females. Thumbs are touching. The palms are down and over the crown area with the elbows slightly bent.

3. Whisper Wahe Guru with the eyes slightly open and gazing at the upper lip.

4. Meditate for 11 minutes.

I recommend playing the Wahe Guru Bliss from Bachan Kaur’s Illumine*nation or SatKirin Kaur Khalsa’s Wahe Guru from Ignite Your Light to aid you in your chanting.


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