meditazioneHumans have three minds; the conscious, subconscious and superconscious minds. The conscious mind is what you are already aware of and the superconscious mind is the link to the Universal mind. The subconscious mind is the part you are not aware of. It is also referred to as the shadow mind.

Yogi Bhajan said that we have 1,000 thoughts per the blink of an eye. That can equate to nearly 60,000 thoughts per minute and approximately 3 1/2 million thoughts per hour. With that many thoughts, only so many are making it to the conscious mind where you are aware of them. The rest end up in the subconscious mind.

Within the subconscious mind sits many of the mysteries of your self which contains unconscious thoughts, unknown desires, traumatic memories, etc. The goal is to bring that which is in the shadow of the mind to the light in order to integrate and learn from. Without awareness, a person is subject to acting on subconscious thoughts without fully being aware of their actions.

For the most part, we all strive to be good people, but there are times where our actions don’t always match our intentions. There can be many reasons for this that can stem from imbalances in the lower chakras. The subconscious mind acts much like a storehouse, but isn’t always the root cause.

In regards to the subconscious mind, you can get surprised that after all this work you do on yourself that you still get bad thoughts. You may not act on them, but they still come up. Where does this come from? Some traditions may refer to this as “the devil” or “evil”, but from a yogic perspective it is the subconscious mind. It doesn’t come from an outside force, but from within. These thoughts don’t make you a bad person, but indicates an unresolved issue that requires you to take responsibility for.

We can’t always do anything about these bad thoughts in the moment, but only hope to be more aware the next time they come up. At the point of subconscious suggestion, you want to have a strong intuition to meet it so that the thought doesn’t rule you. With a strong intuition, you are able to better equipped to sort out the thoughts of the subconscious mind.

It is important to realize that denial of these undesired thoughts will only make the subconscious mind worse. Your unresolved subconscious issues will not only rule you, but become even more evident to those around you while you deny them. Trust me, you don’t ever want to be the last to know about your own issues! Have you ever witnessed this before in yourself or others? Repression only seems to make things more noticeable.

There is a great meditation for working with the subconscious mind called, “Two-Stroke Breath to Connect the Subconscious and the Intuition”. The meditation can be found in the Praana Praanee Praanayam manual by Harijot Kaur Khalsa. It may not resolve all of your issues, but at the very least it strengthens the intuition to a point where it can meet the subconscious and bring it into awareness.

Praana Praanee Praanayam by Harijot Kaur Khalsa


Hands up in Gyan Mudra. Elbows in the rib cage. Inhale to breaths through the puckered lips and exhale powerfully once through the nose. Continue for 15 minutes.

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