The New Moon is exact at 8am on Monday morning, (5am PST). At this moment, the Sun and the Moon are both together –conjunct – in the air sign of Libra. The theme on the table right now is justice. Justice for all. Ideas of equality, peace on Earth, and compatibility among groups, with shared resources, and as couples are all hot topics in the air and in people’s heart.

Do an assessment in your own life of what is working and not working in these arenas. How can you bring more peace and balance in your own personal, communal, and even global world community?

Consider starting a 40-day kriya or meditation that embraces and cultivates the theme of balance. The set in the book Owner’s Manual for the Human Body called “Balancing the Vayus” is perfect for this period.

Owner's Manual for the Human Body

On Tuesday, the Moon in extreme Scorpio adds an emotional and perhaps vindictive tone to the general mood. You may notice people’s stingers out and about – especially on this day that is often associated with Mars, the planet of war and weapons.

Overall, Tuesday is a great day for detective work, anything that requires determination, follow through, and passion.

On Wednesday, the Moon is void of course for the majority of the day, suggesting that it may be hard to make decisions and find direction. Postpone business meetings and major decision making for another time. Instead, stick to routine tasks, exercise and meditation.

The Moon doesn’t resume its course until about 8:30pm (5:30pm PST), at which point it enters upbeat and lively Sagittarius. Wednesday night is a good time to expand your horizons by attending a talk, a lecture, taking a class, or just sitting down with a good, informative, or instructional book. Themes of philosophy, religion and spirituality are on your mind at this time.

You may feel a little feisty when you wake up on Thursday morning, as the Moon rubs elbows with Mars in the sign of Sagittarius. The message here is: take action on your emotions. Move from the heart! Speak how you feel, and even better, act on it.

Also keep in mind that others will be acting this way also. The key of the hour: truth. Sagittarius is all about truth. Straight shooting. Taking acting in order to transform – transform the energy, that’s what fire does. Transform in order to elevate. Do your best. Act in the highest good.

There may be friction between you and your romantic partner on Friday morning when a lunar square with Venus brings a critical eye to the scene. Nit picky details suddenly get in the way of a good time. Perhaps a squabble arises over whose turn it is to do the dishes. Try not to be too critical of yourself – or anyone else for that matter.

Things get dicey when the Moon goes void-of-course on Friday afternoon. From 4:30pm – 9:40pm (1:30pm – 6:40pm PST), you may feel awkward and out of sorts. Take it easy during this ambiguous time, and don’t make any major moves or decisions until after this period is over.

Saturday’s call to action has to do with getting tasks started. You may feel a restless impetus to get things done – especially things having to do with your work, career, and home. Goals that you have been thinking about are coming into focus. Saturday is a good day to take action that needs to happen in order to get the ball rolling on things that are most important to you.

On Sunday, the half moon suggests that friction between the male and female polarity may erupt unexpectedly. If you simply aren’t connecting well with people of the opposite sex, don’t be too surprised. Keep in mind that it is just a phase. You will move through it and everything will be fine.

In the meantime, give people the benefit of the doubt and try not to be suspicious of them. Be inclusive instead of exclusive. At the same time, take an air of caution when it comes to high-risk adventures and sports. Bones and joints are more susceptible to injury at this time. Have you had your turmeric (perhaps some freshly homemade golden milk) today?


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