The Sun has just moved into Taurus. As a result, we will be feeling the general Taurus vibe like a song playing in the background of our lives for about the next four weeks.

Notice it this week in your desire to slow down, plant roots, and establish yourself. Taurean themes include the importance of security, home, and insurance. Notice that these ideas may be more present than usual in the media as well.

In addition, if you find that you aren’t taking steps to slow down and preserve what you have, that the universe might find a way to do it for you. Slow you down, that is. Maybe in the form of a sickness or an incident that knocks you from your usual track and has you attending to more personal matters – and matters surrounding your home.

Keep in mind that Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. As a result, themes surrounding music, art, and theater are also big during this astrological month. Use this time as a renaissance period to develop your own personal artistic talent. Go to museums, concerts, and plays to help stimulate your creative juices and inspire you to blossom in these areas.

In order to augment this, you may want to consider a 40-day practice of the kriya, “Develop Your Hidden Greatness”, a multi-part meditation/kryia that uses the tools of breath, mantra, and mudra to create a powerful and profound energy shift in this area of your life.

On Monday, the Moon moves into Gemini around 10am PST (1pm EST). After this time, you may find yourself buzzing with more thoughts and ideas than usual. So many, in fact, that it may be difficult to shut off the thoughts of the “monkey mind”. Try the ole standby One-minute breath technique. Slowing down the breath automatically helps to slow down the mind.

The Gemini Moon continues to wax all day on Tuesday, the day of Mars, suggesting a high-energy and highly-productive period. This is a good time for writing, socializing, attending to bills, letters, and desk-item pile-ups. You may find yourself juggling many different hats and projects at once, but the good news – you will most likely accomplish quite a lot!

On Thursday, the Cancer Moon puts everyone in a very nurturing and mothering kind of mood. This is a time when we naturally will gravitate toward the home, creature comforts, home cooked meals, and (consciously or not), our mothers.

This is a good day to connect with your Mother and remind her how much you care about her. Examine your own role as a mother, (whether you are an actual one or not), but regardless, tune into this nurturing, compassionate, and loving part of your being. Consider volunteering some time at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen serving meals or offering emotional comfort or healing of any kind.

Friday calls for more of the same, as a warm and sentimental fuzzy feeling washes over everyone. Consider the fact that the influence of this Cancer Moon also makes people a bit moody. Folks are easily set off, as their general state of mind is more sensitive and tender than usual. Proceed with care! And this means, to remember to care for yourself as well!

On Saturday, the Leo Moon fires up the energy and helps to burn off any fog that has been building up over the last couple days. Use this festive, upbeat energy to go out and have a good time. Yes. Have some fun. Friday night is a good time to hit the dance floor, attend a party, and get creative. Wear the most flashy, attention-getting outfit you can summon from your wardrobe, and in general, just have a good time.

Sunday’s lunar square with the Moon suggests that male/female relations may get a little rough at times, especially when strong egos are involved, which is exactly what is likely to happen under current conditions. Neither side is likely to budge, and a gridlock may very well ensue.

For best results, remember to maintain humility, flexibility, and a strong sense of humor. Remember that life is a movie. So sit back and enjoy the show!


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