“We don’t need Free Will. We need the free flow of energy so we can handle our life when it is challenged.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

When a person is feeling at his or her best, the energy in the body is flowing freely through the spine, body and limbs, and through the chakras. If the energy gets stuck or blocked, that person can suffer from physical ailments and depression. Kundalini Yoga helps to keep the pranic energy moving. Free flowing energy boosts self-esteem, elevates a depressed mood, and maintains inner-balance – giving a person the strength, courage, and grace they need to meet the life’s challenges.

If you are feeling blocked and need to get some energy moving through your body, this kriya is a wonderful way to move energy and combat depression!

Freeing Your Energy to Defeat Depression me

Originally taught on November 14, 1984

This yoga set can be found in the manual Reaching ME in me.

1. Come onto your hands and knees in Cow Pose. Remain balanced in Cow Pose, as you rapidly bring both hands back to touch your buttocks, and then return your hands to the floor. Continue. Maintain a fast pace which will create its own special breath rhythm. 3 1/2 Minutes. At this point continue the movement while adding a “long” Breath of Fire, that is, your Breath of Fire is coordinated with the movement so that the movement is at the speed of your rapid, heavy breath. 2 1/2 Minutes. If the most impotent, depressed person can keep his balance in cow pose and touch the back of the buttocks to give stimulus to the sciatica “pinch point”, and then return to cow pose, he can totally re-invigorate himself.

freeing your energy1

2. Lie down on your back. Meditate on the celestial echo sound of the gong as played by Yogi Bhajan, using the tape of this class. Contract the navel with each hit of the gong, hold it until the next hit of the gong, then release it and rapidly contract it again. 4 Minutes.

freeing your energy 2

Deeply relax with these amazing Gong Cds!

earth is space

Deeply Relax to “Earth in Space: Sacred Gong Meditation” by Crown of Eternity.

dr yogi

Dr. Yogi Gong II by Hari Simran Singh Khalsa.


Gong The Nucleus of Sound by Yogi Bhajan.



3. Rise up, stretch your arms up and vigorously shake your hands. 15 Seconds.

freeing your energy 3

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