Kundalini yoga for the Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra has to do with your self-expression and speaking your truth. You must have the Root (grounded), Second (emotions), Solar Plexus (power) and Heart (love) Chakras all in order to live from the highest expression of your self.

For example, to feel confident in speaking your truth in the world, one must have a strong Solar Plexus and Throat Chakra. There is a great kriya in Self Knowledge called, “Developing the Power to Win I & II” which works with both of these chakras.

This Kriya was originally done with Livtar Singh Khalsa’s version of I am Thine, but if you cannot find that version, you can also use Pritpal Singh’s or Jai-Jagdeesh’s version.

The impact the Throat Chakra has is really amazing if you think about it. If all the most influential people throughout history never opened their mouth or wrote their ideas down, we wouldn’t know who they are and what all their great thoughts were. What one expresses themselves in the world can live on forever. We all have something great to contribute.

The Throat Chakra also has to do with communication and creativity. It is our right to be heard. Physically this chakra is made up the ears, nose and throat. Imbalances in the chakra can manifest as: lying, gossiping, communication issues, inability to listen or hear, weak voice, dominating voice, sore throat, etc.

The Throat Charka is also known as Vishuddha which means “purification” in Sanskirt. Many times when working with issues internally, you may have processed it, but it hasn’t released from your system entirely. This can cause the throat to feel stuck until the issue is purified out of the system. Whether it is a toxic emotion or great idea, it need to get out through the throat to be purified.

Crying is a form of purification that can unblock the system. The feeling that you may need to cry, but can’t is a good indication that you need to take a look at the Throat Chakra.

A blockage in this chakra will feel like a welling or lump in the throat. Although please be aware that not all sensations around the throat have to do with this chakra! Other sensations around the throat may actually be from digestion as the stomach meridian runs through this area. The area should feel similar to the need to cry if it is the Throat Chakra. If there is an acidic-like feeling, the issue may be more digestive.

If you feel that you need to work with the Throat Chakra, there is a great meditation from Physical Wisdom which is one of the best that you can find for the throat:

Throat Meditation
Sit in Easy pose with the hands in gyan mudra (index touching the thumbs). Straighten the spine, drop the shoulders and tuck the chin in slightly to create neck lock.
Chant “Humee Hum Brahm Hum” without using the tip of the tongue at all. Use only the root of the tongue to chant. Chant for 11 minutes.

Guru Dev, Master of Sat Nam Rasayan instructs students to chant this in the original class without the tip of the tongue. You only want to chant with the root of the tongue, otherwise do not move the of the tongue at all! This will stimulate the throat and will cause your tongue to get a workout. I have to warn you that you will sound really funny chanting this without the tip of the tongue, but you will experience an amazing effect.

Check out this recording of Humee Hum from Nirinjan Kaur (Musical Affirmation Vol 2).

You can also use other versions if you want some variety, for example Ram Singh has a wonderful version that men may resonate because he has a deeper voice.

Dharampal Kaur has a great version she just released on Power in Peace.

Also there is the “Slower Humme Hum Brahm Hum” on Gurusangat & Gurucharan’s CD.

Overall chanting any mantra you like is a great way to work with the Throat Chakra.

Also if you want to work more with the Throat Chakra in your Kundalini yoga practice, try out these individual kriyas:
For Creativity- Physical Wisdom

*In this Kriya there is a part where you chant Ong for 11 minutes. I like to use Bachan Kaur’s, “Cosmic Cycles” (Ong long chanting) from her album Anahat to chant along with. It is great!

For Creativity II- Kundalini Experience

Thyroid and Throat Center– Sexuality and Spirituality

Wahe Guru Kriya- Aquarian Teacher Manual

Here are some excellent warm ups that work with the Throat Chakra:
Neck rolls
Plow Pose
Sufi Grinds
Yoga Mudra

To learn more about the effects of asanas, check out Shakti Parwa Kaur’s Book, Kundalini Postures and Poetry.

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