Kundalini Yoga for the 6th Chakra

The 6th Chakra is also known as the Third Eye and Ajna. Ajna means, “Command Post” and it is the seat of intuition located at the brow point. The Ajna is associated with the pituitary gland which is the master gland that regulates the rest of the glands.

The Ajna Chakra has to do with recognition, intuition, imagination, visualization, dreaming and perception. When a person has developed a strong Ajna, one can see the unseen and come from a deep inner state of knowing. This person doesn’t need to have a lengthy inner dialogue to know what is needed in a situation, they just know. This person also will have deep meditative experiences and can recall dreams.

When the Ajna is unbalanced it can result in rigid/ one-way thinking, insensitivity, delusions, poor concentration, denial, inability to see the future, etc.

Many are trained at an early age to not trust their own intuition. This could have been from parents or peers who made you believe that your senses were not valid, which created doubt. Children that were abused will disconnect from their lower chakras as a survival mechanism which causes them to over develop their higher chakras. An imbalance between the lower and high chakras can cause these children to be escape reality through imagination and visualization. The long term effect of this will cause people to be dreamers rather than doers. One must have balanced lower chakras as an anchor in order to have a properly functioning Ajna.

The Ajna also has to do with our perception. We all have perceptions. Perception is created from our upbringing, environments and our beliefs. When perception is mistaken for intuition, we can get into trouble. Perception isn’t always reality. It is our limited reality. To balance the Ajna, we must challenge our perception and always seek reality no matter how uncomfortable it is. That is why we say, “Sat Nam.”

Strengthening and balancing the Ajna is a process. The Ajna requires daily meditation to function optimally. The results are very subtle and when they are not paid attention to, they can go unnoticed. The important thing when coming back into balance with the Ajna is to learn to trust your intuition and what you see in meditation. Know the difference between thoughts, perception and intuition. Intuition is organic and has no preference. The Ajna is true gift and to have a fully functioning one will make you limitless.

Yogi Bhajan taught an amazing meditation for the Ajna called, “To See the Unseen,” which is in the Self Experience Manual. Yogi Bhajan said of this meditation, “You will see the Unseen, a little bit. You will hear the Unheard, a little bit. You will know the Unknown, a little bit.”

Guru Dev Singh, the Master of Sat Nam Rasayan, said of this meditation, “[It] is a master meditation. It is perhaps one of best meditations of all time. I have done this every day for eight years…[It] helps you to define details. It may be one of the fastest techniques to have Intuitive Vision, a visual intuitive experience.”

To See the Unseen

Sit in easy pose with the right arm out in front parallel to the floor with the elbow straight, but not locked.
The palm to the right hand is facing up and slightly cupped as if catching rain.
The left hand is in Surya Mudra (ring finger touching the thumb) with the elbow at the aide and forearm facing out.
Close your eyes and focus on the tip of the chin.
Strongly press the tip of the tongue to the palate behind the teeth
Mentally chant, “Wahe Guru” in silence.
Breath long and deep.
Practice for 11 minutes.
To End – Make panther claws (bend the fingers into the mounds of the hand). Inhale and turn to the left, then back to the center and exhale. Then inhale and turn to the right, then back to the center and exhale.

To further your practice of the exploring the Ajna, you can use mantra. Yogi Bhajan said that Wahe Guru is the mantra of the pituitary gland/ Ajna.  Here are a few versions of the mantra to try:

Also here are also a few good kriyas to practice that work on the Ajna:

*Transforming Lower to Higher- Sadhana Guidelines
*Varuyas Kriya- Sadhana Guidelines
*Sexuality and Spirituality: Pituitary Gland Sets #1-4
*To Become Intuitive- Transformation – Volume Two: Serving the Infinite

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