A cute lil’ munchkin walks through the crowd at Sat Nam Fest during Savasana

There’s no two ways about it:  kids are designed to push you to your edge.  They come pre-programmed to push your buttons in order to discover human behavior, to press against boundaries as they grow and expand, and basically to help you step up to the Its-Not-About-You plate.  They are big teachers wrapped up in little bodies.

And most of the time, conscious mommies do such a beautiful job.  Every once in a while, a combination of tiredness and a frayed nervous system leads to a break down.  If you are 10-9-8-7-about-to-explode and you want to stop the countdown to meltdown, here are 5 Kundalini Yoga techniques to help busy moms fast.

1. Priceless Pranayam

Left Nostril Breathing

This will calm you down fast if you’re overwhelmed by activity.  Just sit down (even if the kids are crawling on top of you and screaming) and block off your right nostril.  Breathe through the left nostril.  Close your eyes and in just a few minutes, you’ll have tricked your brain into a state of relaxation and you’ll be much better prepared to child wrangle.

2. Tell your Mind to Unwind

Inhaling Sat, Exhaling Nam

Busy moms often say they don’t have any time for their own spiritual practice.  Here’s a way to slip it in while you’re making pancakes, or putting juice boxes into little outstretched hands, or driving down the road.  Inhale and mentally chant “Sat”, exhale and mentally chant “Nam”.  Its that simple, inhale sat and exhale nam.  Sat Nam means true identity.  It’s a mantra to connect you with your soul, STAT.

3. Chanting to the Rescue

Waheguru Wahejio

The full mantra Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Wahejio can help drain anger out of your body.  It’s also beautiful, catchy and simple.  Simple is key, for you can often get your kids to chant it with you.  This mantra is like stating that the Divine is right here and right now and you can feel it in your soul.  It’s an ancient positive affirmation, and it can shift energy wherever you are.

Snatam Kaur’s “Waheguru Wahejio”

Simrit Kaur’s Waheguru Wahejio

4. Asana 911

Strengthen Your Nervous System

This quick sequence will strengthen your nervous system, calming your frayed nerves and making your fuse longer.  If you need to increase your patience, this is a great way to do it from the inside out.

Get into Triangle Pose (Downward Dog) and hold for 3 minutes.  Just breathe long and deep while holding yourself up.  If you shake a bit, that’s just your nervous system readjusting.  Afterwards, come down into Gurupranam.  Sit on your knees, then bow your forehead to the floor (use pillows as props if you can’t make it all the way down), stretch your arms out in front of you, touching your palms together in prayer pose, keeping the arms straight and just resting your whole body on the floor. If you feel cramped, just widen the space between your knees to let your chest sink down.  Breathe deeply for 3 minutes.  Done!

Triangle Pose (Downward Dog)


5. Mini-Vacations of the Auditory Kind

Do a Short Guided Meditation

Short meditations give you a quick break.  Maybe you don’t have 31 minutes to meditate.  How about 7? 4? 10?  Choose a guided meditation that’s the right length for you.  Put your headphones on as you sit next the couch (make sure you child has something to do, say a coloring book they love and plenty of crayons) and shut your eyes.  Listen to the visualization and give yourself a mini-break.  You’ll feel much more rested!

Try one of my guided meditations!


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