While I’m not a mom myself, I’ve a very dedicated auntie.  I was recently spending time with my sister and her three children (ages 8,6 and 3 months).  I was inspired after talking to her to come up with a way that busy moms could incorporate Kundalini yoga and parts of the Kundalini yoga lifestyle into their lives.  Certain issues were very important to moms, she assured me, like strong immune systems and not get sick while breastfeeding (and having kids in elementary school!)

These suggestions can be used all together or bits and pieces can be adopted into your life.  Kundalini Yoga is a massive toolkit, and you can decide which tools to pick up and carry in your own personal yogic toolbelt.  Use what works for you and trust your intuition!

Here are some ways to keep your immunity strong and your body healthy while being a busy mom.

Pranayama: Breath of Fire

Breathing exercises are one of the simplest ways to keep your yoga practice active while being a mom.  During late night breastfeeding sessions, you can add pranayama into the mix to pass the time and keep yourself healthy.  Breath of Fire is a great tool to keeping the immune system strong and healthy and you can do it anywhere…in the shower, while waiting to pick your kids up in the carpool lane, or while holding a baby (they might just like the gentle rocking motion.)  If you can take a few minutes just for yourself to do it, that’s wonderful too, and you can throw in a few minutes of Ego Eradicator (which uses the same pranayama) to clean out your aura as well. (Skip this pranayama during the first three days of menstruation or if you are more than 3 months pregnant.)


Frog Pose

This Kundalini yoga pose, called “Frog Pose”, helps alleviate depression.  You might feel stressed, overwhelmed, or even be experiencing some postpartum depression.  Let Frogs raise the energy up your spine, lift your mood, and boost your strength.

Cold Showers

This one is simple, but can be tough for many.  Cold showers are a form of hydrotherapy that is second to none in boosting immunity.  Before getting into the cold shower, slather your body with luxurious almond oil, step in and vigorously rub your body all over (it can help to chant something like “Waheguru” or “Sa Ta Na Ma” instead of grumbling negative words).  Eventually your body will heat up.  Then you can step out and towel off.  You’ll be awake (no matter how little sleep you’ve had) and your immune system will be charged and ready to go!  Taking a cold shower makes all of your blood rush inward to your organs, flushing out toxins and sending fresh blood through them.  It greatly enhances your circulation, charges your energy, activates your digestive system, circulatory system, lymphatic system and nervous system.  Read more about Cold Showers.

Immunity Boosting Kundalini Yoga DVDs

When you have a longer chunk of time, take it for yourself!  Even if only once a week, get a good yoga workout in.  You’ll feel better about yourself and your body will feel better too!  Getting to a yoga class can be a challenge when you have kids, but you can always pop in a video while they are napping or playing outside (and press pause if you need to get the Little One a glass of water).

These Kundalini yoga dvds help boost the immune system:

Mantra: Ra Ma Da Sa

The mantra “Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung” is for health and healing.  Chanting this is great, because its soothing sounds can help children and babies fall asleep.  You can also create simple Celestial Communication ( a kind of hand movement meditation) for the mantra, and the whole family can participate.  Leave it playing in your room and chant it while you cook, drive or clean.

Mirabai Ceiba's Ra Ma Da Sa


Discover Celestial Communication!


There’s always time for a cup of tea!  The simple act of making yourself tea honors your spirit while nourishing your body.  Hari Tea uses very fine herbs and teas to create their luxurious loose-leaf tea bags, and sometimes having a cup of tea is all the time you can find for yourself.  Sip while you nurse (watch out for caffeine and some herbs).  While the kids splash in the bath, inhale your cup of tea and remember your inner peace while boosting your body’s immune system.


You need to take the time to nourish your body with herbs and vitamins.  Kids need you to be healthy, so filling up your body with things that support your immune health can keep you going even when you’re feeling a bit down.  Try these herbs and herbal tonics to supercharge your immune system.

An herbal tonic just for women.

An immune boosting herbal formula by Yogi Bhajan.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils such as Lavender, Grapefruit and Peppermint can boost the immune system (and smell great, too!)  Replace harsh synthetic fragrance (which isn’t good for babies anyway) with small amounts of soothing essential oils.  You can apply them neat or diffuse in the room.

Light EOB’s “Creation” Blend would work well for this:

Amethyst Mala

Using amethyst during meditation is said to boost the immune system.  Amethyst is a powerful “healer” stone and kept close to the body and heal and support the immune system.

Family Holidays

Take family holidays that support and nurture you, too.  At Sat Nam Fest, there is an amazing children’s program with music, yoga, crafts and nature walks for your kids, giving you the time to attend Kundalini yoga workshops with top teachers like Gurmukh and to sing along with incredible kirtan musicians like Snatam Kaur.

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