5 Kriyas for When You are Feeling Blocked

Kundalini Yoga is a great tool for when you are feeling blocked. Have you ever had that feeling that something was off and you couldn’t put your finger on it? Ever feel like you were stagnant or resistant and you don’t know why? These could be signs that you are blocked and Kundalini Yoga can help!

The first step to uncovering a block to feel it. You can start off by just describing the sensation. Is it located somewhere in your body? What emotions are you feeling? If you feel nothing, can you describe that nothing feeling? Describing the feeling helps to bring focus to the sensation in order to bring it to consciousness.

A block may feel like a tension in a certain part of the body. Other times it can be more of a sense of resistance or stagnation. Energy blocks in the body can start off as an unacknowledged emotion. These can be emotions spurned by past, present and unconscious emotions that come up in our daily lives.

Emotions are ruled by the water element and act much like water. The meridians in the body act like rivers in the body and emotions run through these channels. When there is a resistance to a feeling, it can create a dam in the flow, which is a block in the body.

When the lower three chakras are in balance, you have a a solid earth (root chakra) holding both water (second chakra) and fire (third chakra). When one is feeling overly emotional, water will douse the fire and flood the earth, which creates mud. Feeling stuck is a similar feeling to spinning your wheels in mud as you exude a lot of energy, but get no where. This feeling is a good indication that you want to balance out the earth, water and fire in the body.

When feeling blocked, acknowledge it and try to get the flow in the body moving again. Once everything is flowing, the root issues causing the blocks can enter into your consciousness in order to transcend them. It is easier said than done because our own resistance to the issues are what cause our blocks. Kundalini Yoga is a great technology to use in this instance to help go beyond your own limitations.

Here are a few great warm ups to do when feeling blocked:

  • Life Nerve stretch- works the sciatic, digestive meridians and gets everything in the body moving again. Great when feeling like your body is cement.
  • Stretch Pose- Illuminates all the chakras and opens up blocks in the body.
  • Body Drops- Good to do when feeling stuck, indecisive or confused.
  • Kundalini Lotus- Connects with water. Helps to “dive in”.
  • Frog Pose- helps with grounding.

Learn more about yoga asanas in Kundalini Yoga: Sadhana Guidelines

For the Meridians, to balance the flow in the body through the meridian channels:

Work the Meridians in Infinity and Me. You can use Snatam Kaur’s Har.

For the Nervous System, to hold the space and contain the resistance:

Building the Nervous System in Kundalini Yoga for Youth and Joy.

To let go of resistance and restore emotional blockages in the body:

Elimination Exercises in Sadhana Guidelines.

For when you don’t know what else to do and nothing is working:

Gan Pattee Kriya/ Meditation to Make the Impossible Possible in Kundalini Yoga by Shakta Kaur Khalsa.  You can use Snatam Kaur’s RA MA DA SA.


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