Three stacks of round smooth stonesEver have a day where you felt off balance? We all have. There are many things around us that can throw us off balance: health, people around us, news, weather and just those random things that happen every day. Now that the planet has shifted into the Aquarian Age and the information overload coming at us from all directions mental balance is important and this also involves bringing our selves to our heart.  Kundalini yoga for balance isn’t a new idea, but for your life, it can be revolutionary.

One of the key ways to use Kundalini yoga for balance is to develop within you a strong neutral mind. When you see things happening around you and allow them to be without judgment you’ve connected to your neutral mind and can allow higher guidance to come to you so that you have the answers you need in that situation. Sometimes the neutral mind can be a challenge, but meditation helps to bring you to the neutral space. This space is governed also by the heart so when you can come from your heart, you are able to work on a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Coming from the heart of course means having compassion for those around us, but it also means having compassion for ourselves. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy, criticizing ourselves for every little mistake that comes around and questioning every choice we make. Sometimes that negative mind can make you feel downright crazy, so work on that navel to bring in the positive mind and strength and conviction into yourself, which will give you the power to maintain an open heart. You might try “Sahibi Kriya to Master Your Own Domain” from I AM A WOMAN. This works on your core, but also brings you to your heart center and mental center. Balancing how you treat yourself also means looking at the activities you do each day and making sure that your work, family and private time are balanced so that you can better help others around you. It also includes a cat-cow variation that will help your actual balance also.

Sodarshan Chakra Kriya is wonderful for balancing the neutral mind, you can do this for 40 days and see what happens, it’s said to change your life against all odds. You can find the Sodarshan Chakra Kriya in Physical Wisdom, where you’ll also find a kriya for “Balance of Prana and Apana.” In yogic terms prana is the incoming life force and apana is the outgoing or eliminating energies. It’s important to balance what you bring into your life with what you are eliminating from your life or you’ll end up with so much coming in that you won’t know where to put it all (how’s your storage space looking?).  If on the other hand you are eliminating without bringing anything in, you might end up living on the street without any possessions.  You can also find a copy of Sodarshan Chakra Kriya with a nice warm-up kriya in Nirvair Singh’s The Ten Light Bodies of Consciousness.  He also offers a second set and mediation for the meditative mind which includes the Shadb Kriya Meditation.

Physical Wisdom

In the Shabd Kriya meditation you sit in easy pose (remember to tune-in) and place the hands in your lap, right into left and thumbs touching. Eyes are 9/10ths closed. Inhale four sniffs while mentally repeating Sa Ta Na Ma. Hold the breath for 4 mental repetitions of Sa Ta Na Ma (count of 16). Exhale in two parts while mentally saying Wahe on the first and Guru on the second exhale. Try this for 15 minutes.

Ten Light Bodies of Consciousness

And speaking of the Shabd Guru, one of the more effective ways to bring balance into your life is chanting. The act of chanting helps us to stay in a higher vibration and make better choices about the information we’re receiving. Shabad Guru is sound as teacher, shutting off the ego to bring us from darkness to light. I keep saying “do your sadhana” and I’ll say it again – do your sadhana!  Sadhana works to clear the negativity and ego to allow you to move and live from your Soul. Yes it might take some time to clear it out, but consistency brings results. For more information on the scientific effects of sound current in our world, you can read Meditation as Medicine, which discusses how our entire Universe is made of vibration allowing chanting and sound to affect us so profoundly. This book also has some great meditations for the heart center and neutral mind (as well as all your other chakras).

Meditation as Medicine

And when you just feel so out of balance that you don’t have time to meditate or do yoga, remember your breath! You have to breathe anyway, so make it conscious. While you’re driving, while you’re standing in line, while you’re watching a movie, while you’re in a meeting, you can practice the one minute breath. Start slowly inhaling for 7 seconds, hold for 7 seconds and exhale for 6 seconds. This brings you tranquility, balance and intuition. As you get comfortable with the shorter breath, gradually lengthen the times until you can take 20 seconds to inhale, 20 seconds to hold and 20 seconds to exhale. This helps the brain hemispheres to balance themselves and when this becomes your regular breath, the mind serves you.

So in life, love, health, and Kundalini yoga…find your balance and treat yourself kindly!

We must learn to love ourselves before we love anybody else. We must honor ourselves before we honor anybody else. We must serve ourselves before we serve anybody else. If we do not know how to do things for ourselves, we shall not be in a position to do things for others. – Yogi Bhajan

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