Face Beautiful Girl.Hygiene Skin.BeautyThe skin is the largest organ in the body. It is also the first thing most people will notice about you and it is the layer that separates our insides from the outside. The skin has many functions as it regulates temperature in the body and retains water.  Toxins enter and exit the body through the skin. The skin along with the hair serve to make us sensitive to our immediate surroundings.

The main things that impact skin health are toxins in the organs, unresolved emotions, genetics, drugs, alcohol and eating habits. The liver and colon can contribute to much of the toxins that show up in the skin. Most will immediately blame food for skin issues, but there is usually more to the story if we dive deeper. For example, when dealing with an unresolved emotion that is coming up we can gravitate to more yang/ contracting foods, such as fried foods to avoid emotions. When dealing with an emerging emotion, it is best to eat the opposite of what you are craving like fruit which will help cleanse and not block you from bringing the emotion into awareness.

For more information on healing diets, check out Yogi Bhajan’s Foods for Health and Healing.

Foods for Health and Healing by Yogi Bhajan

Genetics also plays a part in skin issues, but it still isn’t always the main culprit. Our consciousness and bodies have learned from our ancestors how to deal with given situations, so we will react similarly to what has been learned. It is challenging to introduce new habits to what you are already predisposed to, but daily Sadhana can help introduce new habits and consciousness shifts.

We can’t see our inner organs and if you can, please call a doctor immediately! Since we cannot see the inner organs, we can only sense them and thus we may not always be aware of issues in them. Our skin is something we see constantly, so when the skin is reacting, it means that something has escalated as far as the skin to really try to get your attention! These can manifest as a pimples, blemishes, etc. If skin issues don’t get our attention, it will certainly get other people’s attention. Heavy make-up and Botox can further work to cover up the issues as well as hide our true selves from the world.

Think about emotions as the element of water, when they are allowed to be expressed and brought to consciousness, the river is free flowing. When unresolved and repressed, the flow of the water is blocked. This is like creating a dam internally, but the problem is that the water doesn’t disappear, but floods into other areas! Emotion has to be expressed somehow in a conscious manner and skin of course is the outer expression of the inner. How that works with the skin for example, is that pimples specifically have to do with unresolved anger and repression. Psoriasis is literally when emotion isn’t being allowed to express and has not way out but to boiling over into the skin as the skin cannot contain the emotion anymore. Dry and itchy skin has to do with frustrations and issues with being in one’s own skin. Herpes are said to be a result of inflicted violence towards one’s self. It is helpful to work with the underlying emotional issue with Kundalini Yoga and meditation to bring more awareness to the situation. For working with the skin, here are a few great kriyas to try:





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