intestines2The contents of this article is not to be considered as medical advice. This information is based on yogic and energy healing viewpoints. If you have a serious medical condition, you should consult with a doctor. 

The small intestines represent fire in the body and are associated with the third chakra. The digestive system or gastrointestinal system has three parts to it which can be thought of in terms of a factory: receiving (esophagus & stomach), processing (small intestines) and shipping (colon). Many times we can generalize when speaking of the digestive system, but to truly investigate an emotional issue in the system it is to best to be aware of where is located specifically as each area brings its own lessons.

Physically the intestines have to do with processing, breaking down and distributing nutrients to the rest of the body. They are located in the abdomen beneath the rib cage. There are three primary locks in the small intestines: duodenum, which is the starting point and connects to the stomach; the jejunum, which is located to the left of the navel; and the ileum, which is located to the right of the navel, is the end point of the small intestines and connects into the colon. In the meridian system, the small intestine is part of the second primary meridian channel which begins with the heart. Many issues in the heart can manifest as issues in the small intestine and vice versa.

Emotionally, the small intestine has much to do with issues around control, deep anxiety, emotional gut reactions, obsessiveness, etc. Typically those reactions that you have to ask yourself, “where did that come from?”, come from emotional issues in the intestines. Also coming across as overly “motherly” to everyone around you is an indication of the need to explore the emotions in the intestines in more detail.

Control is a major emotion that affects the intestines. Control has a lot to do with insecurity that things are not going to go your way or that God doesn’t have your best interest in mind. We feel that we need to be in control of every aspect of ours and others lives. If you are aware of this, it can be a good time to look into what is blocking you from allowing and trusting in the flow of life. What caused the block? When these issues go unresolved, it can physically become painful to the point where the intestines feels like they are tied in knots. Remember to allow and that you are taken care of.

Another key aspect about the intestines to keep in mind is that the intestines have a lot to do with discrimination in the body. The intestines are responsible for separating nutrients and allocating them throughout the body. On an emotional level, they are responsible for doing the same thing in terms of digesting emotions so they can be brought to awareness. When emotions are consciously or unconsciously being avoided, they don’t get digested and could manifest the same as diarrhea.

A great remedy to quell issues in the small intestines is mint. For other great healing foods, check out Yogi Bhajan’s Foods for Health and Healing.

Foods for Health and Healing

Working with the intestines through yoga can help bring instant relief to minor physical pain and bring about relaxation. Yoga is great to help bring up emotional issues and bringing them piece by piece into awareness. Here are a few great kriyas to work with when exploring the intestines. Make sure to acknowledge the emotions that come up and actively practice allowing.





There are countless mantras that are good for learning to let go of control, here are a couple of favorites:




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