Kundalini Yoga has a wealth of teachings for women with an incredible focus on women as the embodiment of the divine creative energy. As a woman growing up with the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, I was taught from a very young age that I am powerful, I am divine, I am to be respected and honored and loved. I am eternally grateful that I had parents who surrounded me with these teachings and reinforced them in my life.  What a gift for any parent to give their daughter.

The teachings of Kundalini Yoga for women are transformative. When received at a young age, the teachings empower a strong sense of confidence and self-esteem built on a foundation of understanding the aspects of the divine feminine that are within each us.

There are many tools available for women to learn their connection to the divine feminine. For me personally, the mantras of Kundalini Yoga have always carried the greatest power in connecting me to the source of these teachings.  When I’m feeling anxious about finances, I will have an Ardas Bhaee playlist going non-stop.  When I’m feeling unsafe, Aad Guray Nameh is on repeat.  And when I need a miracle, every Guru Ram Das chant goes on the playlist.

So, when I’m feeling like I need to connect with the Divine Feminine, these 5 mantras have a deeply profound and powerful impact. Sometimes, its about feeling secure in my space as a woman.  Sometimes its about struggling with my monthly hormonal cycles.  Sometimes I feel the need for grounding and support in my role as mother.  Whatever it is, these mantras do the trick.  There are powerful meditations for most of these mantras. Click on the name of the mantra below to link directly to the mantrapedia where you can find meditations for each one.

Using the mantras as part of a meditation is very important, but the powerful impact on our subconscious of having them play over and over again. I will put these 5 mantras on repeat and let it soak into my pores.

  1. Adi Shakti Namo Namo

The Adi Shakti Mantra tunes one into the frequency of the Divine Mother, and to the primal protective, generating energy. It is said that chanting it eliminates fears and fulfills desires.


2. Ma

This mantra is repeated over and over to connect with the essence of the universal mother.


3. Bhand Jamee-ai

This mantra is used to gain reverence for womanhood. For people who have mother and/or female phobias, reciting this helps to release them.


4. Aykaa Maaee

This mantra is believed to instill the entire knowledge of the Universe without ever reading a book. It is the yogi’s humble bowing to the infinite.


5. Grace of God

Positive affirmation is an age-old technology. Words increase in power through repetition, and when you are repeating truth, the impact is enormous. This is a powerful affirmation that any woman can do.


The incredible resources for women to find their connection to the divine feminine in Kundalini Yoga are almost too many to count. Here are some of the sources for the mediations and yoga sets that I have found the most supportive of my practice:


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